Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down? Explanation & Tips

A watch is a must-have item for people, and there are several models to choose from.

Basically, these items are a reflection of their owners. Certain people use a particular type of accessories to express their current position.

It is one of the most iconic methods to reflect your appearance.

It’s fascinating to see people using them upside down.

However, keep in mind that everyone is different, and various individuals will naturally have different likes and preferences.

Thus, it’s entirely up to you whatever manner you choose to wear your ticker.

So why do people wear watches upside down?

You’re going to know the answer after reading this article.

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down (3 Main Reasons)

Avoid damage & scratches on watches

When wearing a watch, you never want the watch’s crystal or dial to get scratched or damaged.

In short, if we don’t wear them on our wrists, we increase our chances of hitting them against something with a hard surface.

The watch will be less likely to be destroyed if worn upside-down because it isn’t easily exposed to external contact.

Whether it is pricey or not, you always want to take good care of it, don’t you?

Beneficial to certain professions

Police officers and military people fall under this category.

People who operate in war zones did their wear watches in this way.

Military troops are widely recognized for wearing wristwatches that are not only dependable but also robust.

If you didn’t know, several companies would specialize in creating wristwatches, particularly for military people.

A fashionable reason

When time passes, trends or fashion will change.

The public idolizes celebrities and politicians.

Many famous people wear watches upside down.

As a result, they want to dress exactly the way the people they admire.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Your Watch Upside Down

It might be challenging to secure the strap and open button on a watch that is worn backward.

It is because watchmakers do not anticipate this.

Therefore, they design a closing mechanism that only opens in one way for simplicity of use.

Moreover, a timepiece with big crown buttons is prone to become trapped in your dress or pocket, which happens to both men and women.

Because of your tiny size, this hefty object might be carried by the trouser bags, which may not fit as securely on you as they should, so take additional precautions to avoid this.

How To Wear A Watch Appropriately & Politely

Aside from wearing a watch upside down, you should also pay attention to certain conditions to select the best brand for yourself.

Situations of communication differ.

As a result, you should think about it while buying a watch.

It assists you in demonstrating that you are a skilled individual with good fashion sense.

When going to work

The type of watch you wear should reflect your true personality.

As a result, it’s ideal for locations like offices and other workplaces that need professionalism.

More particularly, you should select a traditional and beautiful watch to assist you in better managing your time.

When going out

You’ll also be afraid to witness outings like weddings, birthday parties, and get-togethers with pals.

So you should wear a watch that makes you feel at ease while also highlighting your wrist in these situations.

These conditions are best served by the types of tickers with a metal or parachute strap design.

They’re intended to be a little different from the norm.

Also, to make your ensemble stand out, you should select the clothing first and then the watch.

5 Rules Of Wearing A Watch Wisely

Wear watches on the wrist that is most comfortable for you

The traditional norm was to wear a watch on the non-dominant wrist at all times.

It was decided that it should be the polar opposite of the dominant hand.

Don’t let others’ opinions dictate which hand you wear it on; choose the one way that feels most natural to you.

Accessory matching your outfit

If there is a dress code at a social gathering, you should choose a timepiece that goes with it.

A dress watch, for example, is appropriate for a black-tie occasion, as well as a business formal or a fine casual ensemble.

It will, however, look out of place with casual attire.

Another example is that a dive watch would be improper for a black-tie occasion and would work well with a casual, smart casual, or even a business formal appearance.

Never choose the big watch face

The diameter of a watch face is measured in millimeters.

Men’s watches are typically between 34mm and 50mm in diameter.

However, they can be bigger. It should never be larger than 50mm in diameter, although 34mm-40mm is typical and suitable for both men and women.

Wears a watch next to your wristbone

Ensure that the face is perpendicular to the bone on the wrist’s exterior (the ulna).

When standing, your watch should be barely visible behind your shirt cuff, if at all.

It should only be noticeable when your arm is bent when wearing a long-sleeved garment.

Also, wearing your watch on top of your shirt cuff is never a good idea.

Make sure the watch fits your wrist

A watch should be comfortable, natural, and not sloppy in appearance.

It may be required to modify it as needed to account for normal wrist size variations.

Specifically, your timepiece, like any other piece of clothing or accessory, should fit you properly in two ways: The dial should be proportionate to your wrist size, and the band should be tight but not uncomfortable.

A loose band looks sloppy, so get it sized to your wrist by a jeweler.

A more sophisticated fastening method on casual or dressy watches may need you to change the size by adding or deleting links.

For guidance or suggestions on changing the length of your watch, consult the instruction manual or ask your jeweler.


All in all, there are no rules on how to wear a watch.

The way people wear their tickers is different from one to another.

Therefore, it’s impossible to say whether one must wear it on one side or the other.

Wear watches upside down is quite amusing, yet it is helpful in specialized professions and everyday life.

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We would love to help you improve your sense of fashion.

Thank you for reading.

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