Where Can I Pawn My G-Shock Watch? (2 Recommended Choices)

Perhaps you own an outdated G-Shock model, and you would like to pawn or sell it. So do you know how to get high offers? Where can you pawn your G-Shock watch? Continue reading until the end to have a full understanding, along with beneficial tips on this matter.

Where Can I Pawn My G-Shock Watch? 

To pawn or sell an old G-shock, a pawn shop is your priority choice. However, there is a more massive market for types of watches called PawnGuru. The following section will provide several essential tips so that you select the most appropriate option. 

  • Pawnshop 

The best place to pledge used G-Shock watches quickly and effortlessly are pawn shops near you.

Most staff at pawn stores are experienced professionals in pricing used valuables. This means that when you bring your clock here, you will deal with people who make fair offers. As a result, you’re likely to get better deals at a pawnshop than pawning directly with individual buyers on forum sites like Craigslist.


Aside from great deals, another benefit of pawnshops is that you get cash immediately. These stores not only allow their customers to “pawn” watches as collateral, but they also allow you to sell your ticker ultimately. 

In fact, there are many pawn shops in your local area. So please learn carefully to pop your G-shock at a desirable amount of money. 

  • PawnGuru 

At Pawnguru, you can pledge a used watch through online platforms where your local stores are looking for something like yours to bid on.

When you generate a free listing on Pawnguru, you describe your G-Shock thoroughly before uploading a photo of it in good lighting and adding your contact details. Then, Pawnguru directly sends that information to stores near you. Rest assured that your contact information is only made available to the pawnshops.

Once they receive a picture of your G-Shock, these shops indicate whether or not they are interested in it and how much cash they can pay.

You can draw 2 outstanding benefits from Pawnguru:

  • You get to compare offers at different pawn shops in your area and make the best choice.
  • You can see which stores are actually interested in your G-Shock at home instead of driving from shop to shop. 

There are step-by-step instructions to pawn your used timepiece through PawnGuru:

  • First, clean your G-Shock for sale with a gentle wipe.
  • Take photos of your watch and other components in well-lit condition. 
  • Create a list on Pawnguru. 
  • Upload your photo, contact information, and watch description.
  • Receive your offers.
  • Choose the highest bid, enter the pawnshop with the best deal. 
  • Complete the offer and get cash. 

Now that you understand where to pawn or sell used watches for cash.

Tips To Increase Your G-Shock Watch Price Before Pawning 

  • Improve your G-Shock conditions

Clean and assess the condition of the watch before proceeding with the pawn. Don’t forget to check for its functionality and damage. To get a substantial amount of cash, you should ensure that your watch works perfectly and has no aesthetic issues. Stores aren’t interested in models that are a step below higher-end ones because it’s not profitable.

  • Boxing 

If you have the box that came with your G-Shock, you may get an excellent deal. Most pawnshops love the total package. When you give your clock with the box it came with, this encourages stores to put a premium price and high offer.

While it may sound trivial, collecting the box, warranty, or any related original piece of paper makes your watch look legit and more valuable to a pawnbroker. Therefore, don’t underestimate their power! 


Hopefully, the above article can assist you in selecting the best place to pawn your used G-Shock watch. Please read carefully to understand how to achieve the most desirable price and pawn your watch successfully without encountering any problems.

Last Updated on December 10, 2021 by The o.d.m team