What Is Illuminator In Casio Watch? (Meaning & Function)

The Casio Illuminator watch series has been around for a while and garnered an incredible reputatiCasio as a well-known Japanese watchmaker whose products are highly sought-after. It is because they offer durable, quality timepieces at very reasonable prices.

But what is illuminator in Casio watch? What does it do in terms of functions? Let’s get to it!

What Is Illuminator In Casio Watches?

The illuminator is a signature feature of the Casio Illuminator watch. It is a lighting panel that lights up the entire display for easier reading in low-light conditions, which helps improve visibility so users can conveniently tell the time in the dim lights.

There are 2 styles of illumination for Casio watches:

  • An electroluminescent (EL) panel under the dial generates gentle, uniform green light. The light is not very bright, but it helps you see things like hands and hour markers. 

  • Super light or a high-intensity LED illuminates the watch dial to significantly improve visibility in the darkness. The bright white light exudes from one or two LEDs attached to the chapter ring.

Different models of the watch have different ways to turn on/off the illuminator, either with a push of a button or by tilting the wearer’s wrist. Once turned on, the light can stay on for 1.5 or 3 seconds, depending on the chosen illumination duration setting. 

EL Vs. LED Illumination

LEDs are preferably used to illuminate new Casio models, while blue-green electroluminescent backlight can be only found in older watches. LED lights, from a technical point of view, outcompete EL panels in two ways.


EL panels require significantly more power to operate than LEDs. As a result, continuous use of EL backlight can quickly drain the watch battery.

Simple Implementation

EL panels are a layer of powder zinc sulfide with copper, which requires high-voltage electricity. 

Meanwhile, a Casio operates at a very low voltage, so this difference necessitates the setup of the power converter to get to the high voltage for EL panels to glow. This converter is inexpensive but rather bulky and consumes a lot of power.  

LEDs are way simpler to incorporate into a watch. They glow at regular voltage without any converter needed.

However, many users prefer EL panels over LEDs because they are easier on their eyes. In addition, the lights they produce are even through the entire dial. LEDs, on the other hand, are positioned at one or two corners of the display. They give uneven illumination since the corners seem brighter than other areas. 

How Do I Set The Time On A Casio Illuminator Watch?

  1. Press down the Mode button at the bottom left of the watch to display the currently set time.
  2. Hold down the Adjust button right above the Mode button until the digital time starts flashing.
  3. Locate the Search bottom at the bottom right to set the correct time for your watch. Once properly set, the correct time is synced to both digital and analog displays.
  4. Hold down the Adjust bottom again, and you’re all set.

Is Casio Illuminator Waterproof?

Casio illuminator wristwatches are waterproof and can be submerged to 50-100 meters under the water, depending on the model. Therefore, there is no need to take it off when you shower or hit the beach.

How Do I Stop My Casio Illuminator From Beeping?

  • Press the lower left button of the watch to display the set alarm time.
  • Then press the lower right button to turn the hourly beep off. 
  • Once again, press the lower-left button to exit the current menu.

What Does LT Mean On Casio Illuminator?

LT stands for the auto light switch on. You can illuminate the display only by angling your wrist towards the watch’s face when it’s in the ON mode.


The illuminator of a Casio watch is the technology for illuminating the watch so you can tell the time in total darkness. Casio now favors LEDs over EL illumination, but it seems there is still room for improvements in how the manufacturer integrates LEDs into their watches to win more customers’ hearts.

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