What Is Dual Time Mode On A Watch? (Things To Know)

Have you ever wondered what dual time mode is on a watch?

If so, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about these mode watches.

We’ll cover what they are, how to use them, and some of the benefits of owning one.

So, if you’re curious about dual-time mode watches, keep reading.

What is dual time mode on a watch?

A dual-time watch is a watch that has two hands that show the hours.

The 2nd-hour hand shows a time in a place that is different than the place of the first hand.

makes it easier for people who travel and need to know what time it is in one city when they are in another.

On a watch, this mode means that the watch can show two different times.

One time is shown on the main dial, and the other time is shown in a smaller sub-dial.

This can be useful if you are traveling to a different time zone and want to keep track of both times.

First, the 2nd-hour hand on a dual time watch has to move around the watch in 24 hours instead of 12.

This is done by adding two extra wheels to the movement’s watch.

There is also a separate wheel that moves the minute hand in 1-hour increments, so it can be adjusted to show time in other time zones.

What does dual time on a watch mean?

Dual time on a watch means that it can show two different times at the same time.

One is the main time, and the other is a sub-dial.

This is useful if you want to know what time it is in a different time zone.

The 2nd-hour hand runs on a 24-hour clock, which makes it easier to use.

What is the 24-hour hand-on-a-watch?

The 24-hour hand on a clock or watch tells time in hours.

It rotates once per day, going around the dial in 24 hours.

The 12-hour hand rotates twice per day on a clock. (Source)

What is dual time on a Casio watch?

It is a function on Casio watches that help you see the current time in a second time zone.

It can be really useful when you’re working or traveling because you can always keep track of the time in different parts of the world.

Dual Dial World Time is another function that does the same thing but shows multiple time zones at once. (Source)

Is GMT watches useful?

A GMT function is a useful complication for people who travel a lot because it lets you track two time zones at one time.

The Rolex GMT-Master is one of the most famous watches with this feature. (Source)

How do time zone watches work?

Time zone watches are used to tell the time in different places.

They have two hands, one for hours and one for minutes.

The second-hour hand points to a second clock with numbers on it that go up to 24 instead of 12.

What is world time on a Casio watch?

For example, what time is it in New York?

Just enter the name of any city on the code ring.

The hands of the watch show two times at once.

The hour hand shows local time, and the minute hand shows your home time. (Source)

What are the 3 dials on a watch for?

There are 3 dials on a watch.

The second one is called the sub-second dial and counts seconds.

The minute dial is where we tell the time in minutes, and the hour dial tells you what time it is in hours.

What does GMT stand for on a Rolex watch?

On a Rolex watch, GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time.

This time is used as the standard against which all other times are measured.

A fourth hand can be set to this time on the watch. (Source)


Dual-time mode watches are a great way to stay on top of the time in your current location as well as that of another city.

If you’re constantly traveling or have family living abroad, this is an excellent feature for keeping track of what time it is where they live–whether you want to call them at their local hour or email them with some good news from back home.

We hope our explanation has helped clear up any confusion about the dual-time model and its benefits.

Thank you for reading the article

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