Types Of Watch Glass( Simple Guide)

When it comes to watches, most people think of the movement as the most important part.

In my opinion, the glass and the case of the watch are also very important because they not only protect the dial and movement but at the same time add beauty and elegance to them.

There are 3 common types of glass in watchmaking that users should know about: Sapphire Glass, Acrylic Glass, and Mineral Glass.

What are the different types of watch glass?

With 3 types of glass used in watch production, each has different advantages and disadvantages.

Manufacturers based on the quality and cost goals of watch products to decide which type of glass to use for their products.

If you want to own a watch, you should also know this so that with your financial ability, you will easily choose a suitable high-end, medium, or low-priced product.

Let’s learn more about the technical characteristics, the price of each type of glass

The most popular type of glass by users is Sapphire Crystal.

It’s really hard and clear, so it’s perfect for high-quality watches.

It is said that only diamond or whetstone can scratch Sapphire.

The other type of glass that watch manufacturers use is synthetic sapphire but has the same physical properties as natural sapphire.

The second type after Sapphire crystal to make watch faces is mineral glass.

Mineral glass scores 5/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it is harder to scratch than other types.

It is the most common type of glass currently on the market in general and in watch manufacturing in particular.

However, it can crack in too hot or too cold conditions.

The 3rd type is Acrylic Glass which is made of plastic.

It is light, flexible, and transparent.

Hard to break but easy to scratch.

You can remove scratches easily with a cloth.

This type of glass is often used by watch manufacturers in the production of children’s watches because it is cheap and easy to wear on children’s wrists.

What is the best crystal for a watch?

Sapphire Crystal.

Sapphire is the best choice for the watch because it is the hardest type of crystal.

What’s the glass on a watch called?

The glass on a watch is called the “crystal”.

It’s like the window of a house.

It protects the inside from rain and other things while still letting you see what’s inside.

What is sapphire glass on a watch?

Sapphire glass is a clear material that is made from a substance called aluminum oxide.

The substance is heated to 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit and then processed into the watch face.

What is acrylic watch glass?

Acrylic glasses are made from soft and malleable plastic.

They are durable, but they can be shaped in a variety of watch face patterns.

What is a mineral glass watch?

Mineral-crystal glass is made from silica.

It is tempered, which makes it more scratch-resistant and able to handle pressure.

You can find this type of glass on many watches.

How can I tell if my watch is a sapphire crystal?

You can tell if a watch has a sapphire crystal by looking at the sound when you tap on it.

If it is plastic, the sound will be different from others with a real sapphire crystal.

You must give your watch an extra thorough cleaning to tell the difference between plastic and mineral crystals.

What is a K1 crystal watch?

K1 crystal is a watch-making glass that is more scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant than sapphire.

It is better than normal glass because it does not break easily.

How good is PolyWatch?

Polywatch resists scratches well but is not so good for deep scratches.

Polywatch can deal with small and shallow superficial marks, but you will have to apply a lot of force and polish for long periods of time with deep scratches.

What is a mineral crystal watch face?

The mineral crystal watch face is glass.

It is made out of mineral glass.

Its surface is heated and hardened to make it strong against breaking or scratching.

Does Apple Watch have sapphire glass?

Apple Watches come in two sizes, 44mm and 40mm.

They also have a Retina display.

The aluminum version of the Apple Watch comes with Ion-X glass and stainless steel and titanium versions come with sapphire crystal.

Which crystal is used to make modern watches?

Quartz crystals are used for modern watches.

Quartz crystals are used in watchmaking.

They use electricity to keep time, so they are more accurate than other watches.

Why does a watch need a crystal?

A watch needs a crystal because some materials can produce electricity when they are under mechanical stress.

For example, quartz crystals help keep time because they maintain a perfect frequency.

What is hardlex crystal in a watch?

Hardlex crystals are hard and scratch-resistant.

They are made by Seiko to be used for watches. Hardlex is not as hard or scratch-resistant as sapphire, but it is still very strong.

Does PolyWatch work on sapphire?

Sapphire glass is not a type of glass.

It is made of aluminum oxide.

Clear and colorless sapphire glass, with no natural pollution.

It’s great for watch dial production because it won’t fog up like other watch glass materials.

Which glass is best for watches?

For making watch glass, Sapphire is the best because it is transparent and very strong.

It won’t get scratched easily, even if you use it often

What are the purple crystals in watches?

The purple crystals in watches are known as jewels.

These gems are used as bearings to help reduce wear at frequent points of friction.

They also greatly improve the durability and accuracy of watches.

Gemstone is a type of mineral, the second hardest material after diamond.

Which crystal is used to make modern watches?

Crystal is a hard, transparent mineral.

Quartz crystals are used in modern watchmaking.

What material is a watch face?

The watch face is not made of crystal.

They are made of material that looks like crystal.

Manufacturers use only three types of materials for watch glass: Sapphire Crystal, Mineral Crystal, and Acrylic Glass.


The glass of a watch is not only important for protecting the dial, but it also adds beauty to it.

There are 3 common types of glasses that you should know about: Sapphire Glass, Acrylic Glass, and Mineral Glass.

While each type has its own benefits depending on what you’re looking for from your watch, there’s no clear or best option – so choose wisely.

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