How To Adjust Casio Watch Band? (4 Easy Steps)

Casio watches are the favorite choices of many people because of their formal style, consistent, and affordable prices. And, like other brands, Casio timepieces with metal bands bring an elegant and mature look to users. 

As usual, when you buy one from the store, you can have the staff make the band suitable for your wrist. However, if you receive it as a present or want to pass your watch to another person, adjusting the bracelet first is essential. 

In case you don’t want to go to the store for this minor issue, refer to our below steps on how to adjust Casio watch band

Preparation Before Adjusting A Casio Watch Band

As mentioned, sizing a metal watch bands need more tools but not many. Below are some things you have to prepare before doing this:

  • A long, thin, and pointy metal object (if possible, use a spring bar removal tool)
  • A soft pad to place the watch and its small components

How To Adjust A Metal Casio Watch Band (Step-By-Step Instructions)

Step 1: Measure your wrist and watch

Most watches are made with a metal band larger than an average person’s wrist, so we need to remove some links to make the watch suit us. 

Put on the watch and center the face on your wrist. Next, use the other hand to tighten the band until you feel it fit your wrist comfortably. At this time, you can determine how many links you need to remove. 

Remember that you should only extract several links on both sides of the buckle because they have pins. You can also recognize them by the arrows printed on the surface. The farther links, including those near the face, don’t have pins, arrows and are harder to remove. 

Step 2: Extract the clasp

Extracting the clasp will separate the band to two sides, making it easier to remove the links. 

To do this, first, unlock the clasp. Next, locate the pins at the band’s linking point by finding small holes on the edges. After that, use the spring bar removal tool (or something similar) and press its tip into the holes. The pins drop out, and now you can extract the clasp.

If you want to know about different kinds of clasps, refer to this article

Step 3: Remove the strap’s link

Use the spring bar removal watch straps tool to extract each selected link by pressing the pin on the edge, similar to removing the clasp. However, follow the directions on the arrow to make sure you are remove watch strap correctly.

Remember to do steps 2 and 3 on the soft pad to avoid scattering small components, making it difficult to find them. 

For more methods on removing links, take a look here

Step 4: Resemble the watch

After remove the watch strap links, you can resemble the band by re-attaching the clasp to the band. Do the reverse of what you do in step before, but be careful and patient because re-connecting the band is more complicated than separating it.

Now put band on to see if it suits your wrist or not. If you need to remove or re-attach any link, do the same things as above until you feel satisfied with adjustment. Finally, remember to save the extracted links and pins if you want to give your watches to another in the future.


Can I use another tool instead of a spring bar removal tool? 

As mentioned, you can use a long and thin metal object with a pointy tip instead of a spring bar removal tool. It can be the tip of small scissors, a needle, or a piece of metal wire as long as it is sturdy enough to press into the holes and extract the pins. 

How can I adjust the band of a Casio illuminator watch?

Some Casio illuminator watches come with a metal band, but their links are not removable. Instead, these models have an adjustable clasp that can move along the bracelet. You need only a knife, scissors, or something similar with a pointy tip to adjust this component. 

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First, put on the illuminator, then choose and remember the position you want to move the clasp to. Next, enter the tool’s tip into the hole on the clasp and flip the lip up. 

Now the clasp is loosened, and you can move it to your desired position. After that, press the lip to the original position to lock the clasp, then put on the watch and check. If you still want to adjust, do the same things as above. 

How tight should I adjust a watch band?

In general, you should set the watchband tight enough to stay in the chosen position on your wrist without slipping to your hand. However, don’t make it too tight because you will have imprints on your skin and feel uncomfortable, especially in hot weather or after getting wet in the rain. 


In conclusion, it is not difficult to learn how to adjust the Casio watch band, as long as you can find an appropriate tool for the task. If you have any questions relating to this issue, let us know. And if you find this post informative, share it with your friends.

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