How Much Does A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Weigh? (Quick Answer)

Oyster Perpetual is one of the most favorable Rolex watches with its auto-winding rotor and the waterproof watch case. The elegance, simplicity, yet high efficiency earns it a well-known reputation, but this also means there are many fake models on the market to lure naive customers.


So how can you determine the authenticity of this watch? The easiest option is to check its heaviness, hence the question, “How much does a Rolex Oyster Perpetual weigh?” Stay with us until the end to know the answer!


How Much Does A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Weigh?

This watch weighs exactly 286gr. This model is made from platinum for extra durability, coupled with the 100% waterproof Oyster case. Up to date, it is among the heaviest Rolex models.

The History Of Rolex

Founded in the city of London in 1905, Rolex – originally known as Wilsdorf and Davis – started out as a luxury watchmaking company under the ownership of Hans Wilsdorf. W&D made a name for itself by combining Hermann Aegler’s Swiss movement, and Dennison cases together, creating a line of high-quality watches.

However, the manufacturing process was soon moved from England to Switzerland in the late 1910s, as England was severely affected by the aftermath of WWI, and non-essential products were subject to heavy taxes.

From there, the product steadily rose in popularity, with multiple advances both technically and visually. For nearly 100 years of development, the brand has managed to introduce a wide variety of products, catering to the needs of all customers. Owning a Rolex watch is more than just about having a timepiece. It also acts as a status symbol for the affluent and a fashion item that blends well in both formal and casual situations.

What Is So Special About Rolex Oyster Perpetual?

Oyster Perpetual is one of Rolex’s three main lines, besides Professional and Cellini. It is arguably the oldest model that is still functional today and holds many special features.

First off, “Oyster” refers to the watch’s waterproofness, which was backed up by the ten-hour continuous swim of British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze. The name itself was inspired by oysters’ ability to shut their whole body so water would not sip in.

In 1926, Rolex Oyster achieved what other watchmaking companies could not do – produce the first wristwatch truly impervious to water.


Five years later, Rolex continued to develop its Perpetual rotor – the world’s first 360 degrees self-winding rotor. This design was patented and laid the foundation for automatic timepieces across the industry. No longer did customers have to wind their wrist watches manually. They just needed to let gravity do its job with the semicircular plate. The Oyster was then upgraded to the Oyster Perpetual.

Now, after so many years, you may have a better picture as to why this product line is that prevalent. Their proud history, along with the fact that both of their most distinctive features were the first of their kind, offered this line of product a time-honored prestige.

How To Know If A Rolex Watch Is Fake? (4 Common Methods)

Rolex Watches Weight

Authentic Rolex watches have the 904L steel, which is exclusively treated to ensure its lifespan and fight off erosion. This material alone is already heavy enough weights. That is would not mention ultra-luxury lines, including gold-plated or platinum watches. Upon placing a Rolex on your wrist, you can instantly feel its sturdiness.

On the other hand, fake tickers often use mediocre materials to make profits. Thus, they should be much more lightweight than real ones.

Serial number

Like most luxury goods, each item of Rolex is branded with a unique series of numbers.

If the watch was made pre-2010, its serial number could even help you detect the exact time of manufacture. Or else, if it was made after 2010, you can Google its serial number.

Finally, if there are tons of results showing the same item with the same serial number, then your watch is likely to be fake.



The crown placed at one side of the authentic watch is extremely delicate, and you can spot the sharpness of each detail using naked eyes. With a fake watch, it will look dull and poorly made, coupled with a semi-plain surface.

The second hand

The movement of the second hand can easily show whether your ticker is real or not. If it is, then you will see the hand glide effortlessly and almost non-stop. If not, the second hand will stutter when it moves along the face.

Another trick for you regarding the second hand is to listen to the sound. Authentic Rolex watches do not give out any vibration or noise, even if you hold them close to your ear. But a fake one definitely has a tiny ticking noise.


1. What is the price of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual?

Based on the 2020 brochure, it costs $5700 and is now the cheapest Rolex.

2. How accurate is a Rolex Perpetual?

Any Rolex watch – regardless of their lines – is accurate to +2/-2 seconds per day at most.

3. Is a Royal Oyster Perpetual worth investing in?

As one of the most recognizable luxury brands, not only are Rolex products considered a commodity, but they are also an object of desire. Therefore, buying one of these is a safe and sustainable investment that surely holds value.

4. How long does it take to make a Rolex Oyster Perpetual?

A standard model requires roughly a year to be completed.


Hailed as the quintessential Rolex, Oyster Perpetual prides itself on the ground-breaking features that paved the way for modern automatic watches. If you ever wonder about the exquisite charms of this model and its persistent popularity, now you know why!

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