How Long Does An Apple Watch Last? (Quick Answers)

If you’re curious how long your Apple Watch will last before it needs a new battery, or you want to know if your device is covered by warranty, read on for some quick answers.

We’ve also compiled a list of tips to help you make your watch last longer.

How long does an Apple Watch last?

An Apple Watch will last about two or three years under normal use.

It also lasts about a day after being fully charged and can last up to 48 hours with light use.

For better performance and life of the product, when not using the device try to always put it on “stand-by”

How to extend the life of your Apple Watch battery?

The best way to increase the longevity of the Watch battery is to not use it very often.

So instead of receiving notifications on your watch, you can receive them on your iPhone.

Making sure that all apps are updated and having a low screen brightness will help conserve the battery life as well.

When you are not using your watch, make sure to put it in standby mode.

If you choose to do this, you will reduce the battery life by about 2 hours.

Apple recommends charging it every night because it only lasts 1 day or less on a full charge.

Most of us can’t afford not need to charge our smartphones every night, so why would we want to do this for a watch?.

I think if you are using it for health reasons, then sure, put it on standby mode when not in use or turn off all notifications.

But most people are buying this watch because they want the “smartwatch” functionality that it provides.

If you are not getting notifications on it you might as well save some money and go with the cheaper Apple Watch Sport.

Why does my Apple Watch drain so fast?

The quick answer is that the Apple Watch is extremely power-hungry.

Because it packs many features in such a small form factor, it requires more battery than your typical smartwatch.

The best way to increase the battery life of your Watch is to reduce the usage of apps that are location-based by disabling them when not needed, keeping its face dim instead of bright, and disabling phone notifications that you don’t need to know about.

These simple tricks can help save battery power and keep you from having to charge it every night.

Does Apple Watch have a warranty?

Yes, all Apple Watches qualify for the same one-year limited warranty that you get with other Apple products.

If your Watch malfunctions within the first year after purchase then it may be eligible for free repairs; otherwise, any necessary repairs will cost you.

How long will my new Apple watch last under average use?

It depends on your usage.  Apple says the battery will last “about” 18 hours so it isn’t a precise measurement.

Some people get less than Apple’s estimate and some get more.

As you use your watch the battery will gradually decrease over time, but you can reverse this by charging it daily and taking care of it as described in the Battery Maintenance section below.

If you aren’t using it very often, it will last longer.

Does the Apple Watch have any Parental Controls?

Yes, it does.  You can use Family Sharing to enable restrictions on content for children under age 13, set limits on web browsing, and which apps your kids can open. (Source)

Will Apple Watch work with my phone service provider?

Yes, it works with all major cell phone providers.

Cellular compatibility is determined by the carrier, not Apple.

How do I update my watch?

Updating your watch is easy – just make sure you have the latest version of Watch OS running on your iPhone and keep both devices within 30 feet of each other

How to tell if your Apple Watch needs a new battery?

If your Watch no longer holds a charge, if the battery drains quickly, or if it just won’t hold a charge at all then you need to have the battery replaced.

What is the average lifespan of an Apple Watch?

Apple doesn’t say exactly, but battery life is expected to decrease over time.

That’s why proper maintenance is very important.

Take care of the watch by charging it nightly and keeping it on its charger when it’s not in use.

Do Apple watches get outdated?

They do not get outdated since they are updated with new software and hardware every year.

How the Apple Watch is water-resistant?

The Apple Watch is water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean you should swim or bathe with it on.  I

t’s meant to survive splashes of water, like when you wash your hands or rinse out a sink or tub, but submerging it completely is not recommended.

It has an aluminum case which makes the device lightweight and ensures its strength against damage.

The sapphire crystal display protects the screen from scratches and impact.

An Ion-X glass layer on top of the display is also said to be shatter-proof. (Source)

How do I make my Apple Watch last longer?

To make your Apple Watch last longer, try turning down the brightness and turning off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

Your watch will also go into standby mode if you don’t touch it for a while, so putting it on its charger overnight is a good idea – just be sure to take it off before going to sleep.

Is my Apple Watch too old to update?

No, it’s not too old to update – in fact, Apple encourages you to keep your watch up-to-date because that will help conserve its battery life. (Source)

Do you wear your Apple Watch every day?

wear my Apple Watch most days.

It’s become an essential part of my day-to-day life.

It has a built-in speaker, microphone, and digital crown which you can use to make calls and reply directly from your watch.

It even lets you send sketches, taps (vibration), and heartbeats as messages.

You can also play music directly from your watch and use it as a remote control for the camera on your iPhone.

Does the Apple Watch track health data?

Yes, Apple Watches do track health data like heart rate and workouts, but you need to give permission for some features like heart rate and workout tracking first. (Source)

Tips for conserving battery life on your Apple Watch

If you want to conserve battery life on your Apple Watch, try these steps:  Turn off the Raise to Speak feature (Settings > General > Siri), and turn off notifications that you don’t need (Settings > Notifications), and lower the screen brightness.

When you’re not using it, put your watch in standby mode by pressing and holding the side button until you see “Slide to Power Off”.

You can also use Auto-Lock to put the watch into standby mode more quickly.


Apple Watch battery life and warranty coverage are important considerations for any consumer.

If you want to know how long your device will last before you need a new battery or if your device is under warranty, we’ve got the answer for you.

Keep for yourself useful information so that you can be completely in control when deciding to use an Apple watch.

Good luck.

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