How Long Do Casio Watches Last? (The Answer May Surprise You)

In modern days, although more and more items have been introduced to support people to determine the time, the vital role watches play still can not be replaced. Many brands are outstanding in the watchmaker industry, especially Casio. 

Without a doubt, “how long do Casio watches last” has been one of the most usually-asked questions for new customers who are not familiar with their products. Therefore, this article is logically created to equip you with information related to the battery life of these timepieces.  

How Long Do Casio Watches Last? 

Generally, a Casio watch can last up to 10 years of use, considering that it functions under normal conditions without constantly going through severe shock watches or damage

Yes, you do not hear wrong. Although it is beyond imagination, Casio timepieces have gone through tremendous inspiration and detection from regular customers and professionals in the industry about the outstanding Casio’s last much longer feature.

In case you still doubt the quality, here are some examples you can refer to. 

Firstly, it would be a significant mistake if the Casio AE1200WHD-1A or someone might call it the “Casio Royale,” is not mentioned regarding this concern. When searching for information about this model, you will easily find it ranking as one of the most long-lasting watches. 

Besides, the W-800H-1AV Digital Watch, known as the most must-buy item on Amazon, is another remarkable model that’s worth checking out. 

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Brief Overview Of Casio Watches

Although Casio appeared in the electronics equipment industry before the 1970s, it was not until 1974 that this company released the first version of its watch. However, due to careful and long-term research and experiment, this product line soon became accepted and even became a “big hit.”

Continuing the success, Casio came up with one of the most successful lines with G-Shock in 1984. With G-Shock, they have proved to own powerful technology for a digital watch. 

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Why Should You Own a Casio Watch? 


When choosing a timepiece, many people would consider this aspect. Typically, in the field of watches, you will receive what you pay for. In other words, the more you spend on the item, the higher quality you get. 

However, a similar case doesn’t apply to the G-Shock digital series. From $40 to $70 would be the amount you spend to own a model of the G-Shock line, much cheaper than other models with the same functions and features. 


Every G-Shock model can prevent water from being damaged in the depth of 200 meters, which is far beyond expectation as usually, people won’t go deeper than 70 meters. 

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If you once search for Casio watches, you will notice over 1000 models available in the market. The brand is exceptionally outstanding when designing timepieces that no models appear the same as others. They are all the latest -unique and appealing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Casio watches lose value? 

The answer will depend not only on the nature of the watches but also on your occupation. Firstly, as a rule of thumb, a limited version will be more valuable as time passes. 

On the other hand, standard models offered to the majority would gradually decrease price as there are no unique features. Also, their functions become obsolete over time. 

Besides, if you are a collector, how you determine the actual value of each timepiece would be significantly different. Hence, whether Casio watches lose value or not depends on you. 

  • Which factors affect the battery life of G-Shock digital watches? 

Various factors would answer the concern of long Casio G shock digital watch lasts. However, below are several remarkable aspects:

  • Backlight and alarm usage: It stands to reason that the more you utilize such functions (backlight and alarm), the shorter the battery life. The outcome might be extremely drastic. 
  • Water damage and corrosion: Although many models offer the waterproof feature nowadays, you should notice that water damage still destroys watches. The subsequent decline also damages the battery life. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Casio watches can last up to 10 years or even more. However, it is essential to consider various factors that contribute to the lifespan of your tickers. Besides, you should know how to protect your timepiece when using it to lengthen its time. 

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