How Accurate Are Casio Watches? (Explained In Detail)

Several decades since the first launch, Casio has obtained impressive popularity, establishing itself as one of the most well-known watch brands worldwide. In addition to the affordable prices, their products have won many people’s hearts due to their accuracy and reliability.

Yet, you may also come across some complaints on the internet about how some of these timepieces function inefficiently. So, how accurate are Casio watches? Are they truly worth the price? Check out the detailed answer in this article to make an informed decision! 

How Accurate Are Casio Watches Exactly? 

According to the Casio manual, though the actual number depends on each model design and component, most of this brand’s battery-powered watches may lose or gain from 15 to 20 seconds per month. In other words, each day, these watches illustrate a 0.5- or 0.6- second difference from the accurate time.  

Apparently, you may not realize how your watch falls behind or goes ahead of the atomic clock time with such a minor difference. Also, with that rate, it takes at least 15 months for your clock to be off by 5 minutes. Thus, Casio timepieces are usually evaluated to be both accurate and reliable. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to suggest that the accuracy varies among distinguished models. So keep reading to figure it out!

Casio Watch Accuracy Chart 

Since each model is built with a specific movement, it is reasonable that these timepieces may demonstrate some differences in their accuracy. Explore the accurate chart below to gain a further understanding of each model’s performance. 

Model Measurement

(how many times it was measured)


(on average per day)

Casio Royale 11 measurements
  • 0.13 seconds
MDV – 106 Duro 19 measurements
  • 0.19 seconds
MDV – 106 Duro Blue 7 measurements
  • 0.11 seconds 
W-736H Super Illuminator 3 measurements
  • 0.12 seconds
G-Shock G-011D Cube 15 measurements
  • 0.32 seconds
G-Shock 5600 NASA21 3 measurements
  • 0.13 seconds
G-Shock DW-5600BB 12 measurements
  • 0.22 seconds
G-Shock DW5735D-1B 15 measurements
  • 0.27 seconds
G-Shock GA800 13 measurements
  • 0.22 seconds
G-Shock GA900 13 measurements
  • 0.31 seconds

As can be seen, the real-life test has proved Casio’s quality. Most models perform better than the brand’s accurate claim. For example, the MDV-106 Duro Blue only gains 0.11 seconds per day, equivalent to 3.3 seconds monthly.  

Why Do Casio Watches Usually Have Impressive Accuracy? 

Entering the watchmaking market in 1974, Casio has developed and manufactured watches for almost half a century. Such a long history allows them to research and implement several great technologies to these watches accuracy models. 

For example, the G-Shock and Wave Ceptor product lines adopt Multiband 6 Radio technology. This feature allows these watches to receive direct signals from various transmission stations around the world. 

Thus, the time they display is pretty similar to an atomic clock, thus being remarkably accurate. Also, the GPS Hybrid Technology and energy-efficient GPS utilized in many other models enable Casio watches to show the accurate time no matter which time zones you are in. 

How Accurate Is Casio Altimeter?

If you are an adventurer who loves to explore the high, mountainous areas, an altimeter is one of the parameters you pay the most attention to. Understanding this concern, the brand has equipped its Casio Pro Trek product line with Triple Sensor Technology, which measures altitude, temperature, and direction.  

Consequently, the Pro Trek watches will detect the air pressure changes when you move from one location to another. After that, it would be able to determine the altimeter for display. Thus, with this design, experts have strongly agreed on the Pro Trek is accurate. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, it is crucial to suggest that Casio watches are impressively accurate and reliable. Therefore, you can be assured to purchase one Casio product and wear it as long as you hope for.

Last Updated on December 16, 2021 by The o.d.m team