Does Walmart Fix Watches?Things To Know

We bet many of you have confidently walked into a Walmart and believe that they will get your timepieces repaired. However, while they offer several similar services like glasses fixing, things might differ with watches. Thus, many people get stuck with the question, “Does Walmart fix watches?”

If you’re also one of those, today’s article will be more than helpful. Keep on reading!


The Background Of Walmart You Need To Know

Originally known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT), Walmart is a retail company of the US, of which the base is in Bentonville, Arkansas. This giant is indeed among the globe’s leading businesses.

Sam Walton established Wal-Mart in Rogers, Arkansas, around 1962 concentrated company initial stages on rural parts of the country, preventing unwanted direct rivalry with retailing empires like Sears and Kmart.

Sam’s Club discount facilities (1983) and Wal-Mart Supercenters (1985) were among the various retail models established by the firm as it expanded its operations (1988).

As soon as Wal-Mart opened its first combined food and retail Supercenters, it emerged as one of the country’s leading supermarkets.

Its focus on client support (— for example, email marketing promotion), price management (– for example, low-cost products), and delivery efficiency (– for example, regional storage) allowed Wal-Mart to be the country’s leading retail chain by 1990.

After launching a business in Mexico, it expanded into global markets, establishing more sites or acquiring old merchants in Canada, China, Germany, and the UK.

After Walton’s funeral in 1992, the firm’s revenues declined but revived in 1993 with the launching of the corporation’s private label, Great Value.

Afterward, Wal-Mart became less conservative in its financial management, swiftly accruing business loans to fund innovative tactics, such as a chain of additional Wal-Mart Supercenters.

It worked: Wal-Mart’s earnings were twice as much in 1995, turning Walmart into the globe’s biggest private business in 1999, and in 2001, its overall revenues surpassed those of Exxon Mobil, making Wal-Mart the largest enterprise in the world.

Does Walmart Fix Watches?

Sadly, Walmart doesn’t provide this service. As the corporation is a retail company – not a watch-making brand, they don’t have the necessary skills to fix a watch which could include multiple tiny parts and a complicated mechanism.

Does Walmart Remove Watch Links?

Regrettably, since 2021, you cannot walk into a Walmart counter and ask for a wristwatch links’ removing service as you used to. Because of the low interest, they no longer deliver this option at its jewelry stores.

However, Walmart still sells technician toolsets that customers could use to dismantle the links from their timepiece by themselves. A few gadgets are available in such sets, but the most common ones are wristwatch pin remover, strap case, and a ball-peen hammer.

Yet, if you call for a more complex repair, try more extensive sets. They can comprise up to 100 components, which one could employ to execute additional basic timepiece fixes effortlessly at home.

Does Walmart Replace Watch Batteries In 2021?

Most Walmart stores nowadays stop the watch batteries’ replacement service. Instead, they only sell the tools needed for watch-related procedures. However, a few staff at the jewelry department might be willing to assist you in replacing your device’s batteries on rare occasions.

Walmart Replace Watch  Batteries?- Where Can I Find

Shoppers could find all kinds of batteries, including those for timepieces on Walmart’s electronics section. Conventional alkaline batteries are also available on the shelves and at the cashier in a few branches.

But what if I still can’t find the batteries I need? In this case, we suggest installing Walmart+. It is an Android and IOS mobile application that tells you precisely where their store places the specific types of batteries you’re looking for and whether they are in stock or not before you waste time getting there (or even while you’re already there).

After installing, users could quickly locate the nearest Walmart by entering their postal code and afterward searching for “batteries.” If the items you’re looking for are available at the store you’ve chosen, the application will show you the specific shelves and rack placement.

On the other hand, if the application isn’t accessible on your phone, one can quickly ask for staff help. They would be glad to show you where the stocked batteries are.

In case going directly to the store is way too much for you, relying on their website would be a perfect choice. This site technically has everything you need shipping to your house!

Why Doesn’t Walmart Offer Such Services?

Battery replacement or watch repairs, in any case, is the job of an expert who has enough expertise and knowledge regarding these complex items. Thus, Walmart decided to stop (or not offer) such services to lower the risk of their staff leaving severe damages to their customers’ watches, which is relatively reasonable!

Indeed, fixing timepieces is problematic sometimes, and nobody expects personnel to run into problems trying a battery replacement for which they are not qualified.

Can I Buy Watches At Walmart?

Walmart distributes both repair tools and authentic watches. Many models are available in-stocked at their jewelry station (if your nearby branch has one) or on stands and shelves.

Alternatively, you may buy these items on their website. Indeed, has a broader collection of tickers, even those offered and delivered by third-party vendors. Thus, it’s worth checking out.


They have everything from smartwatches to children’s watches to luxury timepieces from Calvin Longlinesein, Longines, or Rolex.


Now you know pretty everything regarding watches in Walmart. Although they don’t offer the services you need, there are still many specialized stores out there willing to get the job done for you. Search for a nearby watch-selling store, and higher chances are that they’ll take the offer! Good luck!

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