Do Casio Watches Tarnish? How To Prevent It?

Casio is a brand that nearly everyone on the planet is familiar with.

They are well known for making low-cost, high-quality electronic products such as calculators and watches.

However, some questions are being raised about the quality of their products, for instance: “Do Casio Watches Tarnish?”

Let’s have a look at our article and figure out the answer for yourself.

Do Casio Watches Tarnish?

There is no proof yet that all types of watches will be tarnishing after a particular use time.

However, some types do, for example, Gold Casio models.

After one year of wearing, a Gold Casio Watch will start tarnishing. 

It is possible to extend the life of a Gold Casio by not wearing it regularly and by not exposing it to things like water and fragrances.

How To Keep Gold Casio From Tarnishing?

Remove it when swimming

This is because chemicals like chlorine (used in swimming pools) are incredibly harsh on gold-tone or gold-plated materials.

They will create a chemical reaction that will accelerate the fading of the gold tone of your watch.

The same thing will with saltwater.

Moreover, if you wear your ticker to the beach, it will be exposed to silica sand, which is highly abrasive.

Remove it when sweating heavily

Sweat contains acid. It is usually not an issue with genuine gold jewelry or watches.

However, because we’re discussing gold-tone or gold-plated ones, this can be an issue.

It is due to the acidic components of sweat causing discoloration.

Don’t spray fragrances on it

As you have already known, perfume or cologne includes a lot of chemicals that can be pretty harsh for your gold-tone watch.

Therefore, it’s best not to spray these chemicals directly on it.

Keep it safely stored

The final piece of advice is to store your watch correctly.

Gold-tone in particular, are prone to Casio watches fade, which may be avoided by carefully keeping them.

For example, placing your watch in a box with other jewelry may scratch against the other jewelry.

This will soon deteriorate the gold-tone finish.

Tips For Casio Watch Maintenance

  • Never attempt to open or remove the case’s back cover.
  • When exposed to a highly high electrostatic charge, the watch may show the incorrect time and potentially harm its components.
  • Electrostatic charge can also cause lines that resemble circuitry to appear on display for a brief period. This does not influence the watch’s functionality. The rubber seal that keeps water and dust out should be changed every two to three years.
  • If moisture appears within the watch, contact your dealer or a Casio distributor immediately.
  • Avoid exposing it to severe temperatures.
  • Even though the watch is meant to endure typical use, you should avoid harsh handling or dropping it.
  • Avoid over-tightening the band. It would be best if you fit your finger properly between the band and your wrist.


  • Use a piece of soft dry cloth or a soft cloth soaked in a water solution and a mild neutral detergent for cleaning the external surface and band. Never apply flammable agents (such as benzene, thinner, spray cleaners, etc.)
  • Allowing the watch to come into direct touch with hair liquids, colognes, sunscreen cream, and other cosmetics might cause its plastic components to deteriorate. If the watch comes into touch with these or other toiletries, quickly wipe it down with a dry, soft cloth.


All in all, there’s only the case of Gold Casio Watches that happen to tarnish after a year of use.

However, if you want to prolong its lifespan, you might want to read our instructions carefully for maintaining your timepiece at its best.

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by The o.d.m team