Best Casio Watches For The Money 2022 (Top 15 Models)

Casio is a multinational electronics producing corporation, which was based in Japan in 1946.

It has been one of the well-known brands relevant to musical instruments, mobile phones, digital watches, and other devices. In addition, it has an excellent reputation for manufacturing the most durable and the most affordable watches. 

Therefore, if you tend to purchase any Casio products, read this article until the end because we offer you the best Casio watches that people love.

Then, after checking out detailed information on the top 15 prominent models, you will decide by yourself to bring your watch home as soon as possible. 

15 Best Casio Watches (In-Depth Reviews)

Shopping for a digital watch is challenging because there are various styles on the showcase. Therefore, here are in-depth reviews of the top 15 best Casio watches.

Now, let’s take a look to see how each item meets your needs and boosts your performance.

1. Casio F91W-1 Best For Budget

Casio F91W Digital Sports Watch
  • Splash resistant for use when walking, jogging or running in the rain
  • Stopwatch mode with critical increments of 1/100th of a second
  • Displays time in 12 or 24 hour formats

This Casio F91W-1 watch is the most classic style in the Casio watch line. About 25 years after its initial release, this watch remains the most widespread product in the world. In addition, it is one of the cheap money digital watches, which is suitable for different types of people, even teenagers.

Although it is an affordable solution, I find this item highly helpful because it offers staggering battery life. Therefore, using your lovely watch for an extended period is no more a challenging task. 

Moreover, the Quartz movement mechanics, a backlight button, and a mineral dial window make it accurate, helping you to read the time easily at any time. The rectangular case is made from classic black resin, with 3 stainless steel pushers, creating typical, sleek, and slim designs for both men and women. 

This Casio watch and the ribbed band are water-resistant to 100 feet. However, it is not suitable for bathing or swimming because the water-resistance feature is only planned for light splashes of water. 


  • Ease of use
  • Alarm function
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Available in night light features for reading time with ease


  • Only has basic functionality
  • Not suitable for bathing and swimming due to splash resistant  

2. Casio Men’s A158WA-1DF – Best Scratch Resistance

Casio Men's A158WA-1DF Stainless Steel Digital Watch
  • Luminous rectangular dial with alarm and stopwatch
  • 33 mm case
  • Quartz movement with digital display

When buying the best Casio watch, it pays to consider some factors, such as the battery, the case, and the materials. This Casio A158WA addresses durability so well with a solid stainless steel case and long-lasting battery. Therefore, it boosts your confidence and performance for different activities for the whole day.

One thing I prefer about this item is that it is significantly polished to offer an elegant look and assist in resisting dust, oils, dirt, and sweat with ease. The watch also comes with outstanding protection with a mineral glass crystal. Although the glass is relatively thin and designed with a flat styling, it is more impact and scratch-resistant than other similar kinds. 

On the other hand, the watch operates the typical Quartz movement, digital display, and LED light. As a result, it tells time exactly to help you manage your activities without difficulty.

This item also comes with a decent warranty, yet you need to show the original proof of purchase if you change the items due to some problems. However, the warranty doesn’t include damage caused by improper repair, careless treatment, and no proof of purchase. 


  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • 1-year warranty
  • Effective digital display


  • Backlight button issues

3. Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch DW5600E-1V – Best Durability

-46% Sale
Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 20...
  • Black resin sport watch featuring shock resistance, comfortable resin strap, and...
  • Quartz digital movement with accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month
  • To prevent accidental adjusting of settings,the top left button on this watch is...

There is no denying that this Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V inventory is one of the most durable products compared to other types. You will love this item because this watch is a sturdy version with a solid strap to prevent it from breaking or falling off under stress. 

It comes with the Quartz movement kind with an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month and a clear digital display. Hence, you will see the time, date, and day of the week easily at any time. One of the most prominent features is the heavy-duty stainless steel case, protecting your watch from bumps, knocks, and typical wear and tear.

Besides, the top left button on the product is sketched to be pushed in further to prevent unintended adjusting of settings while you work out. The design is straightforward yet comfortable with a rugged 20mm resin band. Therefore, wearing your beautiful watch the whole day is not a bothersome issue. 

In addition, the case back is made from high-quality stainless steel and applies a 3239 module to prolong the watch’s life. I highly recommend this product because the buckle is so luxurious; using one pin comes with the various tightening levels on the strap to receive the most simple adjustment.


  • High-quality materials
  • 2 years battery life
  • User friendly
  • The sleek design
  • Water-resistant and suitable for scuba diving


  • Hard-to-press adjusting button

4. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW2500R Best For Outdoor Activities


-40% Sale
Casio - Casio Protrek Multi Band 6 Ato (PRW2500R-1CR)
  • 200M Water Resistance
  • Chronograph Display
  • Tough Solar Power

This best Casio product is an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, kayaking, camping, rock climbing, and other extreme sports. Moreover, the watch bezel is made of the same resin and imprinted with directional markings and a glossier display to help you take measurements more easily. 

The most outstanding feature is the triple sensor, such as a barometer, altimeter, compass, and thermometer. The digital compass helps you discover new environments at the press of a button, while the altimeter does accurate height readings depending on a reference point. 

In addition, I tracked down an excellent option to plan my outdoor activities. Specifically, this Tough Solar watch offers tide tracking features to help me schedule workouts more easily. The barometer works as a weather forecast, foretelling you the climate according to the barometric pressure demonstrated on the duplex LCD. If the pressure is high, it can be a sunny day, and if it is low, a rainy or cloudy day may appear. 

Therefore, this feature helps you prepare essential things before enjoying outdoor activities. Besides, the window is made of a mineral crystal, leading to shock-resistant benefits to help you exercise without breaking your valuable watch. Another great feature is the sunrise and sunset data, which assists you in making thorough plans for every activity.


  • Solar-powered feature
  • An excellent option for outdoor activities
  • Built-in altimeter
  • A compass included


  • Fairly expensive
  • Temperature is not always exact

5. Casio G-shock Gw-a1100-1a3jf – Best Centrifugal Force Resistance

Are you looking for Casio’s good watches that possess Triple G resistance, including shock, vibration, and centrifugal force resistant features? This product is a perfect choice because it is bulletproof with advanced technology.

It is built sturdy as nails but shows lots of functionality. Specifically, the compass feature is neat and straightforward to set up by pushing the upper right button. I consider this product highly helpful as it works as a sundial with Sapphire glass characteristics, easing my reading time. 

Besides, the use of carbon fiber, and low specific gravity is vital in regards to the item’s weight and permits it to be a more accurate and quick display of direction. This excellent watch withstands 15G of gravitational force, the maximum level required of cockpit instruments. It also bears 20G of vibration and offers 200m water resistance, appropriate for recreational scuba diving.

Casio also adds scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal and an anti-glare coat, giving more strength to your watch. Thus, although you work out for a long time, even under direct sunlight, taking a glance to follow the time is no more a challenging task. Additionally, you can switch to the world time and different functions, including daily alarm, a power-saving, and radio-controlled feature quickly by applying an electronic crown. 


  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Clear display with Neobrite luminescence
  • Shock-resistant and vibration-resistant feature 
  • Stable and accurate operation with Multiband 6 and Tough Solar-powered system


  • Hefty price tag
  • A little bulky

6. Casio Men’s G-Shock Move GBD-H1000-8CR) – Most Advanced Technology

Casio Men's G-Shock Move, GPS + Heart Rate Running Watch,...
  • Shock Resistant,  200-meter water resistance LED backlight (Super illuminator)...
  • GPS signal reception: Auto receive (with no mobile link function, time...
  • Wrist heart rate measurement (maximum measurement value: 220 bpm), Heart rate,...

This Casio GBD-H1000-8CR is one of the most trendy and technologically advanced digital watches in the Casio G-shock line, with mainstream appeal for collectors and timepiece enthusiasts. It comes with a GPS signal reception with no phone connect function, helping you go anywhere to exercise without getting lost.

Furthermore, high-quality resin factors create an angular cushioning around the bezel, which provides essential protection for the mineral glass screen. Thanks to this feature, the watch also possesses shock resistance and brings the most excellent comfort. 

Besides, you will love this watch as it offers smart notifications, such as training status estimation, recovery time, and training analysis. Therefore, it functions as a running watch with VO2 max estimation to help you make a blow-by-blow plan for your activity or favorite sport. 

I highly suggest this product for extended exercise because it gives a long battery life. Moreover, it is equipped with a thermometer, an accelerometer for exact step-tracking, a compass, and a pressure sensor. As a result, you catch up with your fitness level trend and heart-rate monitor to adjust suitable exercise based on your health.

This item is controlled by applying 5 physical buttons around its borderline. Additionally, these buttons need a firm press, preventing unintended inputs. However, it may create inconvenience to change the watch’s function during your workout.


  • Water-resistant up to 200m, suitable for daily use, swimming, and scuba diving
  • Long battery life 
  • Rugged build
  • Smart notifications, including aerobic training effect 
  • A running track feature


  • Fairly expensive
  • Not enough accurate data relevant to the heart rate sensor 

7. Casio GWFA1000-1A2 Frogman Men’s Watch- Best Water Resistance

Casio GWFA1000-1A2 Frogman Men's Watch Blue 56.7mm...
  • Men's GWFA1000-1A2 Analog Watch
  • Tough Solar Power. Shock Resistant. ISO 200M Water Resistant. Full Auto EL...
  • Style Number: GWFA1000-1A2

This Casio watch is the first analog model for the Frogman series in the Casio product line. It features a carbon monocoque structure incorporating the back and case into a single unit. This carbon-fiber-reinforced characteristic resists hydrolysis and possesses a low water absorption degree, which increases a high level of rugged build and maximum water resistance.  

In addition, I love this classical model as it keeps the asymmetrical shape, which has been the iconic appearance of the Frogman series since its first launch in 1993. This shape prevents the case from hitting your wrist while you bend it and facilitates the button pressing process. The watch is equipped with 4 physical buttons, with those on the left of its case quickly apparent. 

Furthermore, it provides advanced functions such as world time, dive time measurement in analog movement, dual time, and tide data. Thus, you can make a detailed schedule for your outdoor activities. This watch also has a modern module, which applies a connected Bluetooth system. 

Therefore, it is simple to download a reliable G-Shock Connected app, choose various places worldwide, and follow tide data there. You also watch diving log records on your smartphone and adjust measurement data more effectively. 


  • Clear dial display with Sapphire crystal
  • Lightweight 
  • Simple-to-press buttons
  • Solar-powered system
  • Straightforward to comprehend dive functionality


  • Be huge on some wrists
  • No detailed sensor

8. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW2500T Tough Solar – Best For Multifunctionality

-31% Sale
Casio Protrek PRW2500T-7 Multi-Band Atomic Solar Wristwatch
  • Tough Solar Power, Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, 200M Water Resistant, Duplex...
  • Digital Compass, Altimeter, Altimeter Memeory, Barometer, Thermometer ;...
  • Full Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow, 5 Independent Daily alarms, Hourly time...

If you tend to buy a versatile sports watch to enjoy your workout for an extended time, this Casio’s ProTrek PRW25000T is the best option. The watch comes with a solar rechargeable battery, which extends up to 23 months on a full charge with excellent Power Saving Function.  

It also features a triple sensor, which is helpful for outdoor enthusiasts. Like other triple sensors Pro Trek series, this product has easy-one-touch operation to understand barometer, compass, altimeter, and thermometer data. 

Furthermore, I find this item convenient because it has a high-quality duplex LCD and auto EL backlight display, offering optimal lower and upper layout to ease reading the time. Unique arrow symbols show detailed barometric pressure patterns to follow trend graphs, tide, and numerical data. 

Another great feature is the moon and tide data, which gives you thorough information about outdoor activities, such as fishing and kayaking. The product also offers consumers dynamic characteristics through its titanium band and black face.


  • Loads of functionality
  • Simple-to-press buttons to change the watch’s features
  • Light design
  • Tough Solar-powered system
  • Strong build


  • Inaccurate temperature data
  • Expensive

9. Casio Men’s Japanese AE-1200WH-1CVCF) – Best Battery Life

-7% Sale
Casio Men's 10-Year Battery Japanese Quartz Watch with Resin...
  • Black and Silver watch featuring silver-tone pushers and multifunction dial with...
  • Features five daily alarms and LED light with afterglow
  • 39.5 mm resin case with mineral dial window

This digital watch is an outstanding product with a long battery feature. It comes with a built-in 10-year battery format to help you use it without the anxiety of changing the battery. The package also includes a Lithium metal battery needed in case you may want to use it.

Furthermore, it is straightforward to turn on an hourly time signal, which functions as your alarm clock. The resin case, band, and glass form a lightweight and durable structure. As a result, wearing your beautiful watch for a whole day doesn’t create any inconvenience.

On the other hand, the watch tells accurate dates and times with a Japanese quartz movement and digital display. However, it is designed with a 100m water-resistant feature, only appropriate for swimming and bathing but not for scuba diving. 

The item is also available in the world time feature, displaying over 40 cities worldwide. Thus, knowing your friends or relatives’ time zones in other places is no longer a troublesome task. Moreover, I have found this item easy to read thanks to LED lights with afterglow and the mineral dial window. 


  • Attractive and dynamic look 
  • Multi-function dial with a stopwatch
  • Superb battery storage
  • Exact time


  • Not suitable for scuba diving

10. Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 – Best Calculator Feature

-15% Sale
Casio Men's Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch
  • 8-Digit Calculator; Constants for addition, subtraction, multiplication and...
  • Water Resistant
  • 1/100 second stopwatch; Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99"; Measuring modes:...

Although this calculator watch has a straightforward digital screen layout, you receive different functions you desire. For example, you can calculate with numbers shown on the screen and quickly get the date and time. In addition, the product possesses 2 colors, greenish-looking background, and black digits.

Though the calculator is simple as other typical handheld calculators, it permits you to perform standard calculations. Therefore, it is straightforward to multiply, divide, add, and subtract numbers. Below the screen, you also realize 16 tiny rubber icons.

Numbers from 0 to 9 are recorded on the simple-to-press buttons on the first 3 rows. Meanwhile, the last row shows the calculating functions. Thus, clicking and starting calculations is no more a troubling issue. In general, the display shows 8 digits and the final results next to the intakes. 

On the other hand, I realize that this product is convenient because rubber icons increase water-resistant benefits. Rubber also reduces noise when tapping the screen and maintains the digits better. 

Another outstanding characteristic is the preserving process of battery power as a battery controls this timepiece. This vintage digital watch features a resin band that is more lightweight than a metal or titanium counterpart. As a result, wearing your lovely item for a long time won’t make you feel tired.


  • User-friendly feature
  • Water-resistant item thanks to rubber symbols
  • Flexible resin band
  • Smooth finish
  • Light design


  • Small numbers on the screen

11. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRT-B50T-7CR) – Best For Activity Tracking

Casio Men's Pro Trek Bluetooth Connected Quartz Fitness...
  • Quad Sensor (Thermometer, Altimeter/Barometer, Digital compass, Step counter),...
  • Hand Retraction function, Sunrise/Sunset time display, world time (city...
  • Mineral glass, Direction bezel, 100-meter water resistance, Low-temperature...

This ProTrek comes with ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass) sensor features. Therefore, tracking activities and knowing your current place is straightforward if you explore a new environment. 

I feel so satisfied with this watch as it offers Bluetooth settings, helping me connect different information with my smartphone running reliable Casio apps. Hence, reading calorie calculations, temperature estimation, and weather forecasts with barometer pressure is no longer a difficult task.

In addition to the tracking activity feature, the Pro Trek app automatically records altitude information measured by this fitness watch and route data obtained by your smartphone’s GPS.

Thus, plotting altitude places along your way with the route log characteristic is no more troublesome problem. Moreover, this feature helps you make the relationship between the two places easier, which is vital for outdoor activities. The product also comes with a resin band, case, and bezel to create a lightweight build. 

On the other hand, sunrise and sunset time features help you make a careful plan for water sports, including sea kayaking and scuba diving. This item also highlights double LED lights to facilitate reading time even under direct sun. 


  • Ease of use
  • Squad sensor with a step counter
  • Strong build 
  • Easy to clean dirt and grime thanks to the titanium strap


  • A bunky design
  • Not comfortable for small wrists

12. Casio Men’s MDV106-1AV 200M Best Dive Watch

-36% Sale
Casio Men's MDV106-1AV 200M Duro Analog Watch, Black
  • 200 M Water Resistance
  • Diver inspired Rotating bezel with anti reverse, Screw down crown
  • Date display Regular timekeeping Analog: 3 hands (Hour, minute, second)

This Casio Duro watch is an excellent dive watch with a 44mm diameter, suitable for big wrists. The product is equipped with a mineral glass screen to protect the markers, hands, and dial. 

One of the significant features is that the glass is flat and scratch-resistant, mixing nicely with the case and bezel. In addition, this glass feature is more shatterproof than Sapphire though its hardness level can be lower. 

Instead of applying an anti-reflective coating to handle reflections and glare, this watch uses a mirror-polished finish. It also applies the marlin to prove 200m water-resistant and diving capability. I love this item because the anti-reverse bezel permits me to keep track of the time underwater with ease.

In addition, the watch bezel possesses straightforward 10-minute numbering with halfway rectangular 5-minute markers, which many divers prefer to enjoy. The ring itself also goes with a firm and excellent ribbed metal hold around the edge to facilitate turning it with no gloves while diving.

However, there is one slight downside to the stock rubber strap, which is too stiff for comfort with the heavy-duty handgrip buckle. Therefore, wearing your watch the whole day may create inconvenience. 


  • High level of accuracy
  • Suitable for diving
  • Durable product thanks to stainless steel case
  • Easy legibility


  • Not suitable for small wrists
  • Uncomfortable strap

13. Casio Men’s Diver MDV106G-1AV) Best Appearance

-44% Sale
Casio Men's Diver Inspired Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with...
  • 200 M Water Resistance
  • Diver inspired Rotating bezel with anti reverse, Screw down crown
  • Date display Regular timekeeping Analog: 3 hands (Hour, minute, second)

This Casio product brings a typical and eye-catching design to the dive watch’s line with gold bezel trim, black dial, and stainless steel case. Inspired by the sea, this item also shows dynamic characteristics for users. It is equipped with a 3-hand analog with a time and date display quickly.

In addition to the attractive appeal, you receive luminous functionality, making your watch helpful both day and night. This feature is excellent for people who want superb legibility in dark conditions. I am so impressed by the visually spectacular motion with second-hand sweep characteristics, which boosts my overall performance effortlessly. 

On the other hand, the bottom of the case and the tops of the lugs possess a less reflective finish, while the sides of the case are polished to a superb mirror finish. As a result, these features offer you maximum comfort while wearing your watch for an extended period. 


  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • Anti-reverse bezel, suitable for diving
  • Stylish design


  • Big watch for small wrists

14. Casio Men’s Solar Powered Stainless Steel Best For Comfortable Strap

-33% Sale
Casio Men's Solar Powered Stainless Steel Quartz Cloth...
  • 100 M Water Resistance
  • Solar Powered - Solar panel features rechargable battery with approximately 6...
  • Day/Date Indicator at the 3 o'clock position

If you have medium or small wrists, this watch is an ideal option. Moreover, cloth straps and round shapes bring a higher convenience while you wear your watch every day. The solar-powered system also offers long-lasting power for the item without charging the battery.

Therefore, it is an excellent present for those who are afraid of dead battery watches. Besides, this beautiful watch is straightforward to read, even the date and day. With Quartz movement, it gives reliable accuracy compared to your cellphone’s clock. 

In addition, the mineral glass feature helps you track the time better in sunlight, at night, and even in darker conditions. Also, I find it quite comfortable because it features easy-to-press buttons when setting up the date and time. The stainless steel and sturdy case help you wipe out dirt, dust, and grimes easily with a clean washcloth. 

Nevertheless, the only downside is its water-resistant depth (100m), which is suitable only for bathing and daily use. So, always remove your valuable watch and store it in a cool place if you tend to go swimming.


  • Light design
  • Appropriate for medium and small wrists
  • No need batteries
  • Ease of use


  • Not suitable for scuba diving

15. Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch – Best Shock Resistance

-36% Sale
Casio Classic Core DW9052-1 Wristwatch
  • 200 M Water Resistance
  • Casio G-Shock Watch featuring Shock Resistance
  • Electro-Luminescent Backlight with Afterglow ensures easy reading during day or...

This resin sport watch is more shock-resistant than other types compared to the G-Shock line. With the buckle clasp, stainless steel metal stamp, and resin band, this item won’t make you worried if you throw it accidentally. 

Additionally, the accuracy of time is excellent, measuring in about 15 seconds each month mark. Under any circumstances should I be pleased with this G-Shock watch because the 200m water-resistance build gives me comfort when enjoying water sports and marine activities?

This product highlights a multi-function rectangular dial with a daily alarm function, EL backlight, and countdown timer. This watch also possesses any features you need. 

Specifically, if you want to set an automatic calendar or adjust countdown timers to a 1/100 second stopwatch, it is easy to establish with this small watch. Changing 12/24 hour formats or hourly time signals is not a challenge to handle with this item.


  • Shock-resistant technology
  • Trusted by different experts
  • Automatic backlight to facilitate reading at night
  • Lower price


  • Not attractive look

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that selecting appropriate watches boosts your performance and brings excellent convenience for various activities.

However, before buying any Casio digital watches, it pays to consider the main features of each item to make a good decision.

Hopefully, this article helps you narrow down choosing the best Casio watches to meet your demands.

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