Casio Watches Review: Are Casio Watches Good Quality?

At the present age, when mentioning the Casio brand, we immediately think of luxury watches. Without a doubt, they are one of the most famous brands today. 

However, very few people know that this brand was not established as a watch brand. In this Casio watches review, we will discuss aspects related to the brand and its products. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details!


History of the Brand Casio Watch

1. The Founding Of Casio & The Birth Of Japan’s First Electronic Calculator 

In 1946, after the second world war, Casio was officially established by Tadao Kashio in Japan. However, as we mentioned, this brand was not established as a watch brand. Specifically, Tadao Kashio and his brothers have focused on the production of mechanical parts. 

By 1949, the brand began to move into computer production. They made the first electronic calculator of Japan in the 1950s.

2. Casio Becomes A Popular Brand

After realizing the potential of producing calculators, this brand focused on the computer market. They researched and built calculators and electrical computers. In particular, at this time, they also started formulating wrist-calculators.

After that, the brand started producing electronic instruments. They became a globally famous brand in the 1970s. In 1974, Casio released their first watch.

3. The Birth of Casio’s First Watch

Their products quickly gained popularity following their release in 1974. The brand was at the forefront of mass production of digitally powered quartz watches that are considered the first successful electronic watches in the world. world

Their first Casio watch was called the Casiotron. It lets the user know the exact time and shows the date.

4. G-Shock Was Released

After the successful launch of digital quartz watches, they continued to develop the G-Shock line, which still exists today. In 1990, they released Baby-G – a lighter version of G-Shock.

Currently, their products are still trendy around the world. In addition, they continue to manufacture electronic instruments and calculators.

Where Are The Watches Made? 

Although Casio is a Japanese brand, most of its products today are not assembled and finished in Japan.

Like other famous watch brands, they have many factories located in different countries such as Thailand and China. Therefore, the accessories and components are manufactured in many factories in different countries.

The purpose of manufacturing and assembly in many countries is to reduce production costs. As a result, customers can own high-quality models at a lower price. In fact, all their watch manufacturing processes are closely monitored. Moreover, the essential parts and complicated watch components are always assembled directly in Japan.

After the production process, the products will be returned to Japan for rigorous testing by leading experts before being sold.

Hence, many people think that Casio watches made in China are unreliable- that’s a big mistake.

Are the Watches Good Quality?

Absolutely, Casio products are known for being high-quality while also offered at low prices. You can witness this through their G-shock product line – which includes excellent watches designed to be robust and long-lasting. 

This company has a long history of making watches. Furthermore, they have continuously developed expertise and skills over the years. In our opinion, no other brand in the same price range can beat Casio because their watches are a great combination of quality and price.

As mentioned above, Casio timepieces are manufactured in many countries. As a result, most of their products are affordable. Anyone can easily own a high-quality model.

In short, if you are looking for a highly durable watch, a Casio’s watch never lets you down. The G-shock is considered one of the best watches on the market. The proof is that this brand has set many records with its G-Shock watches. The most prominent of them is the Guinness world record for toughness.

In addition to the G-shock, Casio offers many other great watches for both men and women, such as G-Shock, Protrek,  Edifice, BABY-G. We will list the most popular Casio’s watch below.

The Brand Casio Watches Reputation

As mentioned above, Casio became one of the famous brands for many good reasons. Although it is a low-cost watch brand, many celebrities prefer its products. Here are some proofs:

  • Kanye West and Justin Bieber have worn Casio watches many times.
  • Bill Gates’ favorite watch of 2019 is the MDV-106-1A.
  • Robert Mueller, former Director of the FBI, always carried the DW-290 with him.
  • Chung Eui-Sun, vice president of Hyundai Motor Company, wore an F-91W when signing a contract with Rimac Automobili.
  • Dimitry Medvedev, Russia’s Prime Minister, once wore a G-Shock GA-110HC-1A.
  • Finally, Pope Francis wears a Casio MQ24-7B in his day-to-day life.

This company has a good balance between quality products & affordable pricing. The proof is that most of Casio’s watches are pretty cheap. Therefore, there is no doubt that their products easily win the hearts of consumers.

On the other hand, this famous brand has very high customer satisfaction rates. Their products consistently receive positive reviews on every review site. This factor is essential for every business. 

Notable Technologies

1. Tough Solar

This technology allows Casio watches to convert light into abundant energy to operate their functions, such as 5-motor operation, time-calibration signal reception, sensors, alarms, and backlights.

2. Smartphone Link

This technology allows watches to connect to smartphones. The watch’s World Time and Home Time displays will then be edited based on the time information available on your smartphone.

3. GPS Satellite Signal Reception

This technology allows your watch to connect to a GPS satellite with the push of a button and receive location and time information within seven seconds. As a result, you can access more accurate time information, even when switching from one time zone to another.

4. Multi-Band 6

Thanks to the application of this technology, Casio watches can receive terrestrial radio waves from 6 transmission stations around the globe. As a result, they can automatically correct the times available in North America, Japan, China, UK, and Europe.

5. Triple Sensor for FROGMAN

  • Pressure sensor – Allows the watch to measure the current depth by sensing water pressure.
  • Magnetic sensor – Senses geomagnetism & measures directions continuously for one minute.
  • Temperature sensor – Accurate air or water temperature measurement thanks to the temperature-sensitive semiconductor.

Learn more about their technologies here.

How Affordable Are The Watches? 

Casio offers a wide range of affordable models with outstanding design and quality. Its products start from as low as $10.

So, why are their products so cheap?

The fact of the matter is that many famous watch brands, including Casio, have set up their production plants in many countries to reduce production costs.

Labor costs in Japan are prohibitive, and that will increase the cost of products. As a result, Casio has located its factories in three countries, including Japan, Thailand, and China. However, the products are mainly made in China and Thailand.

What these countries have in common is that labor costs are much cheaper than in Japan. That is the reason why you can own quality products without spending too much money.

Casio products, no doubt, are a steal at their price!

Most Popular Series 

1. G-Shock

The G-Shock has become one of the most famous Casio models, thanks to its unparalleled durability. It is even considered “the toughest watch of all time.”

It is true to say that the G-Shock is the perfect pick for military personnel or athletes. According to the brand, this line consists of the following seven elements:

  • Gravity resistance
  • Electric shock resistance
  • Vibration resistance
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Shock resistance
  • Toughness

Moreover, these models come with advanced technologies, including Smart Access, GPS Hybrid Technology, Tough Solar, Multiband 6 Radio.

Over the years, Casio has launched hundreds of variations of G-Shock watches.

See more about the G-Shock series here.

2. Edifice

Casio Edifice is the perfect combination of aesthetic, comfort, and functionality. It is packed with unique features, such as world time, alarms, and multiple dials.

One of the things that make these watches stand out is Casio’s Tough Solar technology. That means they can absorb light and convert it into energy to run high-load functions.

In addition, higher-end models can automatically correct the time by applying atomic clocks & radio waves. Furthermore, newer products also incorporate Bluetooth connectivity and further expand their functions.

The Edifice series is divided into 4 categories: Solar-powered, Standard, Smartphone Link, and Limited Edition models.

3. Pro Trek Smart

Pro Trek Smart is the perfect choice for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts for many good reasons. 

Thanks to the Tough Solar System, these watches can receive light rays to operate their technological features. In addition, they can synchronize with the local time thanks to radio waves.

This model is packed with a secondary altimeter to measure the air pressure and display the altitude accordingly. Furthermore, Pro Trek Smart can measure and display weather information.

4. Baby-G

This line is made for women. According to the brand, the Baby-G is a lighter version of the G-Shock. These models were first introduced in 1994. Similar to the G-Shock, they are shock and water-resistant and available in a variety of colors. 

Some of the essential features of this line include:

  • Stopwatch,
  • World time.
  • Tide graph.
  • Water resistance of at least 100 meters.

Read more about their features here.

The top models in this line include:

  • Ke$ha
  • Married to the Mob
  • Joyrich
  • Rebecca Minkoff

5. Casio Classic

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning the Classic series. These models aim for simplicity. They are something you can use every day. 

They are Casio’s most affordable models. For under $20, it is possible to own a high-quality classic model.

The line also includes digital and analog sports models, with prices ranging from twenty to sixty dollars. Check out some products here.

Warranty Policies 

All Casio watches come with a limited warranty. But this warranty is valid only in the country where you purchased the product.

According to their official website, your damaged product will be repaired or replaced during the warranty period and when you also provide proof of purchase. You do not have to pay any cost for valid warranty services.

You will not be entitled to their warranty service if:

  • The cause lies in rough, improper, or careless treatment.
  • The cause lies in a natural calamity or fire. 
  • The cause lies in improper adjustment or repair performed by anyone other than their service center.
  • The band,  case, battery, or glass is worn or damaged.
  • Unable to provide proof of purchase.
  • Your product is out of warranty.

Best Places To Buy

By visiting the Casio website, it is possible to access the stores closest to you. For example, you can access their USA site to shop online or locate stores across the United States. Otherwise, browsing reputable e-commerce sites, such as Amazon or eBay, is also a great idea.

Nowadays, many companies are selling Casio products illegally, and this brand has warned about this on their website. The watches that these companies offer are mostly purchased through a secondary “gray” market. These products may be damaged or defective. They can also be counterfeit or stolen goods.

Thus, if you buy watches from those companies, Casio will not be responsible for this. Instead, it is best to purchase from Casio’s official website, trusted e-commerce sites, and authorized retailers. 

Learn more about authorized sellers here.


So, based on everything mentioned in our Casio watch reviews, you should understand more about this brand and its watches. In general, it is a great brand that is constantly innovating and improving its models. There is no doubt that they will continue to produce excellent products in the future.

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