Casio W217H Review: Is It For You?

If you are looking for a functional, reliable, and affordable timepiece, nothing beats a good old Casio. With various products belonging to the Casio Classic collection, rest assured that you can find an item that lives up to your expectation. 

Still struggling to find one? Worry not! In today’s article, let’s have a look at the Casio W217H review – a timeless accessory that sure provides decent performance.


  • Item model number: W-217H-1AVCF
  • Item Shape: Square
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case diameter: 41.2 mm
  • Case thickness: 10.5 mm
  • Band Material: Plastic
  • Band size: Men’s standard
  • Bandwidth: 22.5 mm
  • Dial Color: Gray
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Calendar: Day-Date
  • Item weight: 3.2 oz
  • Water-resistant depth: 50 meters

Overall Customers’ Feedback

All it takes is a quick look at Casio W217H, and you will notice how simple and straightforward this product is. No more wavy straps and indented case. No more complicated, necessary features. Casio W217H emphasizes utility, illustrated by its easy-to-read digital dial window and the most fundamental details, like the LED light and the alarm clock. For white-collar workers, students, or people mostly doing paperwork indoors, this model would suffice.

That being said, Casio W217H is probably not the best choice if you are a fan of multipurpose watches. After all, the item does not do much beyond telling the time and setting the alarm. However, with its price tag of merely 20$, you should not carry unrealistic expectations. It definitely provides the best value for money, especially when you consider other more expensive but less reliable watches.

Casio Men’s ‘Classic’ Quartz Resin Casual Watch,(Model: W-217H-1AVCF)

“Casio W217H emphasizes utility by its easy-to-read digital dial window and the fundamental details, like the LED light and the alarm clock.”

Product Highlights:

  • Highly accurate.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Cheap and easy to buy.
  • LED backlight to read in the dark

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Size & Weight

Casio W217H is not best known for being lightweight and portable. The product features a 41.2-mm case diameter, which is not the biggest if you take G Shock into account. Still, the case itself is much thicker than the average timepiece, which clings uncomfortably to the wrist. Moreover, since the watch takes up plenty of space, it can be rather inconvenient to swing your hands around unrestricted.

As far as the heaviness is concerned, Casio W217H weighs roughly 3.2 oz, which is not too hefty. That being said, due to the bulky design of the case, your user experience might be gravely compromised. For people with a small wrist, this model is not an ideal choice.


The case of Casio W217H is 41.2mm in diameter, a standard proportion for the majority of Casio Classic watches. It is square-shaped, coupled with three crowns placed on both sides for easier navigation.

The case and the surrounding bezel are made from black resin, giving off a neat and elegant vibe. The material is not top-notch, but it is enough to last for a few years of extended use.

At a closer look, you might see that the watch is not heavily carved. This spares Casio W217H of a rugged appearance and makes it more appealing for female customers. 

Water Resistance

The line “Water 50M Resist” written at the bottom of the window is enough to tell you about the waterproofness of this product. While 50 meters are just the bare minimum, it does not mean you cannot bring W217H along when going for a quick swim or taking a shower. Mild exposure to humidity would not be a problem,

But when it comes to serious water sports like snorkeling or diving, bear in mind to take off this watch before jumping in. The build quality of Casio W217H fails to withstand such extreme pressure, and it may break in no time soon.


Casio is a pioneer in using the Japanese quartz movement, so it should be no surprise that its W217H model utilizes the same mechanism. Inside the gadget are one piece of quartz crystal and one built-in battery.

Once the watch is activated, there will be a wave of electricity generated from the battery. The energy will keep the quartz vibrating, which is measured by an internal circuit. Each vibration is transformed into a second, causing the watch to start ticking.

While many people argue that the quartz movement robs customers of pleasure when it comes to manual winding, none can deny the convenience of having an automatic watch. If you do not want to constantly check whether your timepiece is accurate, having one using quartz movement would solve the problem.



The window of Casio W217H uses minerals – a popular substance used in the watchmaking industry. Admittedly, the mineral is not as hard as other higher-end materials, not to mention its failure to be scratch-resistant.

However, given how cheap and plentiful it is, mineral seems like a reasonable choice for an average watch. As this model has a protective bezel ring outside, rest assured that for those being careful enough, the window would remain in near-mint condition for months.


Casio W217 simplifies the task of time-telling for customers by offering a digital face, where the time is illuminated in bigger fonts at the center of the window. On the top left, you can see an AM/PM indicator and a bell signifying the alarm. Placed on the opposite is the auto calendar, which you can set up right after purchasing. Uncomplicated and straightforward, right?


If you worry that Casio W217H has a futuristic, masculine strap with extra-large waves, then don’t. The item tries to balance its bulky case with a slender, plain-looking black resin strap, and it works! Once put on your wrist, the product does not draw much attention with its classic appearance. Feel free to mix this accessory with any outfit you have in mind.

Other Special Features

Casio W217H is not a completely brand new model. Instead, it is an updated version of Casio F-91W. Hence, there are indeed a few more advanced additions compared to its predecessor, including the LED backlight, bigger fonts, and a more looped strap.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap and easy to buy.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Sturdy and not easy to crack.
  • Digital watch face for the effortless reading experience.
  • No need for winding.
  • LED backlight to read in the dark.


  • Cumbersome design.
  • Feels stiff and heavy when worn for a long time. 
  • No timer is available.
  • Limited water resistance.


1. Does this model come with a negative backlight?

Casio W217H does come with a backlight. However, it is in dark green and can be seen against the gray background.

2. Can you silence all sounds? And how?

You can only silence the alarm and hourly chime. Turn the crown that controls the mode, move it to Alarm Mode, then long-press the Start/Stop crown.

3. What battery does this model use?

It uses a CR2016 battery with a lifespan of 7 years.


If you ever wonder whether this product is worth considering, the comprehensive Casio W217H review sure does a great job of providing you with valuable insights.

After carefully evaluating its pros and cons, let’s see whether you wish to settle down on this timepiece!

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