Casio Vs G Shock: What Are The Key Differences Of Two Casio Watch?

In the watch industry, there is hardly any name that rings the bell for the majority of average customers like Casio.

Casio prides itself on various watch collections, which cater to the needs of all ranges of users, from luxury items to daily casual wear.

Among them, there are two distinct lines that draw the most attention: standard and Casio G-Shock sports watches.

When confronted with “ordinary” Casio vs G Shock, which one should be on your wrist?

Keep reading our article to see how they differ from one another before making your decision!

Brand History & Reputation

The foundation of Casio was laid in April 1946 by Tadao Kashio, an aspiring engineer who started his business by manufacturing an innovative ring that allowed a hands-free smoking experience.

Their early success enabled him to venture into different categories of household electronics, from calculators, and musical instruments to cameras and, of course, watches.

While it is true that Casio never focuses on watch-making alone, it is their timepieces that put the name Casio on the map.

Not only is Casio famous for both analog and digital wristwatches, but it is also among the pioneers using the Japanese quartz movement instead of the manual and automatic movements.

Casio never shies away from making bold additions to the products, including ground-breaking features such as thermometers, altimeters, barometers, compasses, and world maps.

That is not to mention the internal receivers present in each and every Casio watch, synchronizing the operation with the GPS and radio towers all around the world.

This way, Casio ensures that its products are always in an optimal condition regarding their level of accuracy. Impressive, right?

Admittedly, Casio is not the first brand people turn to if they are looking for something posh and opulent.

The designers of this company tend to favor practicality and versatility over aesthetics, so most of the popular Casio watches are rather bulky and cumbersome.

However, when it comes to durability and usefulness, nothing beats a good old Casio.

If you desire a high functionality watch that is built to last, Casio is what gets you going.

Watches Style & Design

“Normal” Casio watches are available in many forms, from the classic dress watch that fits nicely for those with a small wrist to more futuristic-looking ones reserved mostly for men.

Their appearances usually depend on each collection, and they are quite flexible instead of having one fixed look.

This way, users can both enjoy the sturdiness and precision best-known in Casio products, as well as the visually pleasant design at the same time.

You can wear a Casio minimalist watch to go with your business suit, then opt for a diver-look watch when going swimming.

The possibilities are endless.

On the other hand, G Shock does not leave plenty of room for creativity.

This line leans heavily towards a modernist, military-like display.

It features a large dial window with equally big straps, making it seem like an item from a sci-fi movie.

Sportsmen and people engaging in rigorous activities frequently love G Shock for its rugged image.

But not everyone finds it appropriate to wear such a beast to formal social events.

Furthermore, the size of G Shock also limits its target customers, since the watch can prove to be hefty at times.


If we are talking solely about time-telling, the performance of both Casio watches and G Shock are pretty much on par with one another.

After all, even a kid’s watch is capable of pointing out what time it is during the day.

The difference between these two models lies in smaller details.

For example, some cheap Casio watches only have a plastic dial window, which is prone to scratches and nicks.

If used for a long time, the experience may be a bit uncomfortable.

It cannot be compared with the strengthened crystal used in G Shock.

On the other hand, G Shock only features a digital watch face, as opposed to both the digital and analog provided by Casio watches.

It is also better waterproof, as the minimum it can hold is 100 to 200 meters, unlike the 50-meter by Casio watches.


Construction vs Durability

Generally speaking, Casio watches are known worldwide for their virtually indestructible endurance.

entry-level products from the manufacturer inherit these advantages, namely the 50-meter water resistance, mineral glass for dial windows, and non-slippery resin straps.

For a Casio watch that costs less than 30$, you can expect it to last for at least a few years before the build quality finally gives in.

But G Shock takes sturdiness very seriously and is determined to break all boundaries with its nickname “the toughest watch in the world.”

And mind you, the moniker is well-earned rather than just an exaggeration. Let a G Shock fall from a 4-story building, and it still works wonders.

The toughness of G Shock can be attributed to its scratch-resistant glass window, protective bezel edges, rugged exterior that absorbs pressure, shockproof design, and other unique components.

Price Range Two Products

Casio watches are extremely diverse, to say the least.

You can find products that cost well under 30$ and still have all the features of a standard Casio. 

There are slightly more expensive models that cost roughly 60 to 80$.

If you are a collector, you would find watches coming in a limited edition that may go up to hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars.

However, these are just the minority.

Casio is not famous for luxury items like other brands.

So if you decide to buy a Casio watch, rest assured that in most cases, it would cost you not much more than merely 50$. 

Casio G Shock is an entirely different category as far as the price tag is concerned.

Due to its versatility and advanced design, this watch is sold at roughly more than 100$.

But these are for the oldest and most popular models only.

When you aim at newer, more state-of-the-art offers, the price can easily exceed 300$.

And of course, the most expensive G Shock watches have a list price of more than $3000, given the precious metal used in the process (18-karat gold, titanium, etc.) or the limited editions for sale. 

Notable Technologies

Both Casio and G Shock watches share the fundamental features that make a watch useful.

They all have a stopwatch, an alarm, a date window, a calendar, a timer, and a 12-24 time.

That being said, some of Casio’s cheaper products do not have as many desirable traits as higher-end ones.

Sure, they still deliver decent performance regarding their main mission: telling the time.

But besides that, do not build up many expectations about a cutting-edge accessory.

In this aspect, G-Shocks definitely surpasses its siblings.

It comes with an LCD display that showcases the fully automatic calendar, stopwatch, 12-24 hour formats, etc.

Most models also have a world time with a world map, more than one alarm with a snooze function, a countdown timer, and a backlight for easier reading in dimly lit situations.

Even better, the latest collections of G Shock manage to incorporate a Tough Solar power that enables direct charging via light exposure, a triple sensor that can record the temperature, atmosphere pressure, and altitude, alongside a Bluetooth connection.

Notable Watch Collections

Casio G Shock

This watch is arguably the most popular line of product, with more than 100 variations of g-shock models featured on the market.

If you prefer a utility watch that holds its value through daily wear and tear, G-Shocks will not let you down.

Casio Pro Trek

As the name already indicates, Casio Pro Trek aims at outdoor people who need a watch, a barometer, a thermometer, an altimeter, and a compass in the same device.

It is best used for adventures and other extreme sports like hiking or climbing.

Casio Classic

For daily wear, Casio Classic is a safe option with various models to choose from.

Focusing on simplicity and minimalism, a standard Casio classic gives you an affordable choice while still being 100% reliable.

Casio Dress

Are you heading for a formal event? Put on a Casio Dress if you need a sleek, visually pleasant timepiece that goes with your outfits.

Customer Services

Casio offers a rather restricted warranty policy, which is only available in the country of purchase.

If you want to have your watch examined at the store, remember to bring your receipt or other evidence that verifies the deal.

The extent to which Casio is willing to provide a free repair is also hindered.

Errors caused by mistreatments or failing attempts to fix the watch yourself would disqualify the item from the guarantee. 


Choosing Casio vs G Shock is not as much of a challenge once you get to know about their characteristics.

Now, it is time to get ready and decide which line of product is better for you!

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