Casio MRW-200H Review: Is It A Worthy Watch?

With various lines of products that cater to the needs of different customers, Casio has made a name for itself as one of the most reliable and versatile watch-making companies.

Whether you want a luxurious timepiece to go with your tuxedo or a sporty one for casual use, Casio can handle it all.

Now, for those interested in buying a classic Casio, let’s spend some time with this Casio MRW-200H review and see what it has to offer.

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  • Item model number: EAW-MRW-200H-1BV
  • Item Shape: Round
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case diameter: 43 mm
  • Case thickness: 12 mm
  • Band Material: Plastic
  • Band size: Men’s standard
  • Bandwidth: 18 mm
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Calendar: Day-Date
  • Item weight: 2.08 oz
  • Water-resistant depth: 100 meters

Overall Customers’ Feedback

At first glance, you can easily spot that Casio MRW-200H is targeted at male customers.

This product stands out on your wrist with its silky black coating – applied for both the clasp and the covering rear of the case.

Thanks to resin – the main material used to craft out the watch – you would feel next to nothing putting it on your wrist, although it does appear to be relatively bulky.

MRW-200H does not have as many distinctive features as other models, which is understandable given its affordability.

Casio offers this beast at a surprisingly cheap price tag, so it definitely has the best value for money. 

The only possible downside of Casio MRW-200H is its lack of a backlight, making it difficult to read in dimly lit situations.

Size & Weight

Casio MRW-200H is not a particularly cumbersome watch.

Most of its features comply with a standardized men’s size watch, including a 43-mm case diameter and 18-mm bandwidth.

 While the case is admittedly a bit too large for people with a small wrist, Casio compensates by attaching a moderate-looking clasp that fits nicely.

Since this model weighs barely more than 2.08 oz, you can expect it to be feather-like upon contact.

One small tip is to move the watch as low towards the palm as possible.

Minimizing skin exposure can substantially improve your experience with this lightweight watch.


With a 43-mm diameter and made entirely from black resin, one would say that the case of the watch is not much to talk about.

It basically is similar to most Casio watches of the same line of products, favoring practicality over excessive visuals.

Still, the simplicity of this feature does not compromise its charms.

Casio MRW-200H offers a shiny look with multiple indentations and carvings around the crystal, which adds a rugged element to the overall appearance.

While the material is not exactly built to last, it does offer a decent level of durability that should keep your watch up and running for up to three years.

Water Resistance

This model is classified as a diver-look watch.

But this does not mean that you should bring it along next time you want to do deep water sports.

This model is 100-meter water-resistant, which means you can safely put the thing on while showering, snorkeling, or swimming.

Submerging Casio MRW-200H in water will not cause it to break down or crack immediately, but you should be careful not to push the limits.

Keep the water pressure in check, and your watch will perform just fine.


Casio MRW-200H comes with a built-in Japanese quartz movement, which is no surprise considering its effectiveness and low cost.

A quartz movement consists of a battery and crystal quartz, hence the name.

When a watch is turned on, the energy released by the battery vibrates the quartz.

This will be measured by the internal circuit, as it transforms each vibration into a second passion on the dial.

The working mechanism is simple but never fails to suffice.


Casio MRW-200H has minerals for its dial window, a typical substance used in the watch-making industry.

Regarding the Mohs scale, the mineral is rated 6 out of 10 for its hardness, which is enough for any average timepiece.

While its chip resistance is not to be ignored, the mineral is still breakable and subject to cracks upon forceful contact.

If you want to keep it intact, try not to press the window against any sharp surfaces, or drop it entirely.


When it comes to the dial, Casio MRW-200H heads for a direct, easy-to-read analog look.

Each number is printed in bold, big-size fonts, saving users the hassle of trying to figure out the time.

The three steel hands differ in design, which makes it effortless to tell which is what.

Covering the dial is a chapter ring used to mark the minutes, which glitters slightly in a well-lit space.

On the right corner, you can see a date window outlined in a silver color that makes it stand out from the black background.

All of the days are printed in black, but Sunday is given the exception and gets the color red.

Nothing too special about the dial, but it is usable enough. 


Similar to the case material, Casio MRW-200H prides itself on the robust resin strap with a holder mechanism that slides comfortably on the wrist.

You can easily adjust how tight the watch is by placing the holder firmly in any position.

Furthermore, the strap itself has dive-style waves that add to the rugged vibe, making this watch a perfect accessory to go with all of your outfits, be it formal or casual.

Other Special Features

Considering the price tag of Casio MRW-200H, you might expect that this product is limited in its capacities.

While it is true to some extent, the manufacturers did try to put in a few noticeable features into the item, including a 12/24-hour timekeeping system printed together and a high level of accuracy. 

Pros & Cons


  • Highly affordable for the majority of buyers.
  • Sturdy and powerful.
  • 100-meter waterproof.
  • Lightweight enough to wear for a long time.
  • A classic look for versatile use.


  • No backlight available.
  • Visually suitable for men only.
  • Subject to daily wear and tear.


1. Is this watch suitable for saltwater?

Yes, Casio MRW-200H is safe to use even when you come into contact with salt water.

However, keep in mind that it does not do well anywhere deeper than 100 meters.

2. Can you read the watch at night?

While the hands are luminescent to a point, they are not backed up with extra light, so reading in the dark would be quite a challenge.

3. Can you switch the band?

Yes. Casio MRW-200H is compatible with any 18-mm band. 


After finishing the detailed Casio MRW-200H review, let’s hope that you have gained some valuable insights into this product.

Now, if there is anything bugging you about this, do not hesitate to dig deeper.

But if not, lay your hands on this affordable yet highly functional watch right away and experience its comfort first-hand.

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