Casio MQ24 Review 2022: Is It For You?

Casio is not best known for its luxury watches, but instead the basic timepieces targeted at the average customer.

If you have less than 30$ to spend, why not consider having a gold old Casio classic?

Dive into this Casio MQ24 review and see whether it is worth your money.


  • Item model number: MQ-24-7BLL
  • Item Shape: Round
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case diameter: 35 mm
  • Case thickness: 8 mm
  • Band Material: Plastic
  • Band size: 8.5 inches
  • Bandwidth: 15 mm
  • Dial Color: White
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Calendar: No
  • Item weight: 20gr
  • Water-resistant depth: 30 meters

Overall Customers’ Feedback

If you ever need a classic, low-profile watch that blends in nicely with all types of outfits and social occasions, you could not go wrong with Casio MQ24.

This item might not be as glamorous as other fancy accessories, but it does bring a vibe of simplicity and elegance.

The slender resin strap rests comfortably on the wrist without causing any discomfort for the users, while the analog watch face is effortless to read.

For those who want something merely to tell the time, this straightforward design will suffice.

It should also be noted that Casio MW24 is dirt cheap.

Costing roughly 15$ maximum, it only takes a tiny bite into your budget.

Since the watch is expected to last for a few years, rest assured that your money will be well spent.

Size & Weight

Casio MQ24 is relatively small-sized, featuring a 35-mm case diameter and 8-mm case thickness.

Compared to bulkier models like Casio W217H, this product is a relief for people hating having their hand movements restricted by something cumbersome.

As the watch weighs only 20 grams, you would practically feel nothing when putting it on.

As long as you tighten the clasp so that the strap clings firmly, Casio MQ24 is sure to be featherlight and convenient. Not too bad for such a bargain price, right?


With a diameter of 35mm, the round case of this watch appears to be quite tiny at first glance.

However, its uncluttered design helps to eliminate all unnecessary details and urges users to focus solely on the window. 

Both the front case and the surrounding bezel are made from resin, a standard material that delivers decent toughness against external forces.

Nevertheless, it is not scratch-resistant, so you might want to be careful not to let the watch drop to the floor.

Water Resistance

With a waterproofness level of up to 30 meters only, Casio MQ24 is not exactly the best company should you want to go swimming.

Even a quick shower stands the chance of ruining the watch, so it is better that you take it off before engaging in any water-related activities.

That being said, brief exposure to light water pressure such as hand washing would not be too much for your timepiece.

So if you toy around with the sink for a few minutes or so, Casio MW24 will still be up and running. 


Like most products originating from Casio, this model prides itself on the affordable, easy-to-use quartz movement.

A quartz movement includes two components, namely a battery and a quartz crystal.

The battery is considered the primary source of power, which generates an electrical signal through the quartz.

As a result, the quartz will vibrate and force the internal circuit to move.

Each vibration is equal to one passing second.

As long as the battery has not run out, your watch will keep on ticking.

The biggest advantage of the Japanese quartz movement is its low cost and low maintenance.

Not only does it call for little investment from the manufacturers, but it also requires nothing from the users to ensure the functionality of the watch.

Hence, Casio MQ24 is a perfect choice for those desiring ease.


At such an affordable price tag, you might expect the watch to have a plastic dial window only.

Imagine the surprise to find out that Casio MQ24 manages to use minerals as its main substance.

Though not as hard and sturdy as synthetic sapphire, the mineral is still considered a reliable option to protect the dial.

Though Casio does its best to double down on its toughness, you should know that through time, the mineral dial window will end up having nicks and tiny cuts on the surface. 


Simple and classic are the two adjectives used to describe the dial of Casio MQ24, which includes an analog watch face with three hands: seconds, minutes, and hours.

The hands, the numbers, as well as the minute-ring frame are all printed in black, making them highly visible against the white backdrop.

At the direction of 12 o’clock, there is a Casio logo with the word ” Quartz” to indicate the type of watch.

At the opposite end, you would see “Water Resist” with no attached number.

The entire face is pretty plain and straightforward.


Although the product specifications categorize Casio MQ24 as a unisex watch, its long and thin strap deem this product more suitable for female users or men with a small wrist.

Similar to the case, the strap is made from black resin with lines running across the length to increase friction while using.

Underneath the band is a series of bumps running from one end to the other, ensuring the watch is secured safely. 

Other Special Features

Given the price tag of Casio MQ24, one should not expect miracles from this product.

Besides the most fundamental features, the watch does not come with any extra benefits.

It does not have a backlight to read in dimly lit environments, nor an automatic calendar to tell the day.

If you want to have a multi-purpose watch that can perform a wide range of tasks, you will not find this item appealing.

Pros & Cons


  • Economical for most customers.
  • Classic design for both men and women.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Blends in easily on many occasions.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy-to-read analog dial.


  • Mostly suitable for people with a small wrist.
  • The waterproofness level is low.
  • No backlight.
  • Tends to fail after a year or two.


1. Can you see the time on this watch in the dark?

Unfortunately no. This model does not have a backlight, and it does not glow when the light is off.

If you want to read the time, you have to use another source of light. 

2. Can you change the strap?

No. The band is already attached to the watch face, which means you cannot remove and replace it.

3. Can you take a shower while wearing the watch?

You can, but make sure not to wear it for too long.


While Casio MQ24 is not the best watch Casio can provide, the item certainly has its own charms.

With its affordability, functionality, and minimalist design, the product is sure to win the hearts of many customers.

If you still feel uncertain, do not hesitate to dig deeper into the Casio MQ24 review.

Ask your fellow watch users and collect their opinions.

Make sure you have all the necessary knowledge before making a purchase.

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