Casio Edifice Original Vs Fake: 5 Factors To Consider Casio Watch

The Edifice is one of the well-known brands of watches made by the Japanese electronics company Casio.

The watch range from chronographs to developed models, ideal for professional careers.

They also offer you Bluetooth features to connect your smartphones easily. 

However, if you wonder whether you get the genuine watch, read this article on Casio Edifice original vs fake to check your item.  

Original Casio Watch Performance

The original Casio watch provides full performance compared to duplicate products.

Many Edifice models use Tough Solar to offer stable operation of different functions.

Some high-quality watches are Wave Ceptors, which can measure themselves with atomic clocks through radio waves. 

Besides, the authentic items on the market Casio watch show transparent displays with properly aligned dial rings, ranging from basic demonstration to a combination of digital and analog displays.

In addition, powered by Quartz movement, the analog dial of the original Casio Edifice features 3 subdials to ease reading time, date, and other features.


Casio’s Size

You can find the Casio Edifice watch’s specific size and weight in different reliable sources on the Internet and in authorized stores.

Ensure the size of your watch you are authenticating corresponds to the official size description from authorized dealers of the Casio Edifice. 

Therefore, if you find some minor differences in dimensions, it is best to check with trustworthy stores.  

Design Of Casio Watches

The hour hand of an authentic watch comes with radium filled, and the end of radium is equipped with a square shape.

Meanwhile, the hour hand of the duplicate one is not filled, and the end of radium is pointed.  

The case back engravings of the actual watch have Edifice genuine hologram stickers, whereas the opposite is true for the replica.

In addition, there are 2 pins on the authentic straps, which makes them more stylish than the fake ones. 

On the other hand, the button of original items is flat and less extruded than that of fakes watch replica edifices.

Another sign of genuine products is their glossy finish or plain metal finish, while there are small lines carved on the finish of inauthentic ones.

Furthermore, the case and the strap have the same finish as the genuine watches.

On the contrary, the fake ones possess two different finishes and a low-quality strap. 

Another extra feature to distinguish between Casio Edifice original vs fake is stopwatch details.

With authenticity watch, mirrors and dials have lines, which creates even light and precise performance.

In addition, these features won’t lose visibility to help users read time, date, and other advanced functions with ease. 

Meanwhile, mirrors of the replica are designed in circles, producing shadows in some parts.

As a result, these disadvantages make it hard to follow times from afar. 

Casio’s Additional Features

The original timepiece is completely 100 meter water-resistant, while the fake one can fail when you go swimming or enjoy scuba-diving.

Besides, the bezel numbers of counterfeit wear out speedily. 

On the other hand, always check the box’s color when examining the information from reliable sources.

For example, with Casio Edifice EFR-539L, the genuine one comes with a pastel blue box while the fake item is covered in a blue or purple box.

Additionally, the barcode of accurate items is big, and the color covers the bottom of the box.

Furthermore, the color of the pillow of accurate watches is lighter than that of duplicate ones when you open the package.

The authentic straps are made from genuine leather and shine, which don’t come with any joint.

Moreover, the holes where the buckle goes are bigger. Another tip is to check the sides of your timepiece.

Specifically, the original sides of Casio Edifice EF-539D-1AV are square, while the fake ones are round. 

One of the most valuable tips is to examine the inscriptions on the manual of your product.

In most cases, the duplicate Casio Edifice watches possess their manual, with more than 50% of the text written in Chinese.

Meanwhile, it is rare to find this feature in the actual manuals. 

You can research the code on Casio’s website to check whether your item has the same code.

In addition, it pays to examine the matching model number on the manual and the rear side of the watch’s case.

In general, some duplicates don’t provide a manual and correct model number.

Watch Price Casio Edifice vs Fake Casio G-Shock

The original Casio watches are more expensive than the fake ones.

Moreover, some duplicate products cost less than $200. In some cases, there is a minor price difference.

Therefore, you should purchase watches from trustworthy and authorized stores but not grey market Casio. 


We hope you have realized the difference between Casio Edifice original vs fake with those valuable watches simple tips above.

It pays to check your timepiece’s performance, extra features related to technology, and design before purchase.

If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with everyone to buy the original Casio watches.

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