Casio AQ-S810W Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

Sport combination watches are balancing on a precarious precipice.

On the one hand, they must be precise and provide numerous time-tracking possibilities.

On the other hand, they must provide all of these features that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

This Casio AQ-S810 sure has everything for a standard sports watch.

Let’s dig into this post on the Casio AQ-S810 review and get to know its excellent features!


  • Brand: Casio
  • Color: Black
  • Dial window material type: Mineral
  • Dial Color: Gray
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Band Material: Plastic
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Bandwidth: 25 millimeters
  • Case diameter: 46 millimeters
  • Case thickness: 12 millimeters
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Item weight: 1.41 Ounces
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water-resistant depth: 330 Feet
  • Calendar: Day-date-month

Overall Customer’s Feedback

According to customers’ reviews on Amazon, this watch has a 73% of 5-star rating.

Most customers feel pleased about its functions, especially the Solar power.

Moreover, the analog face makes it clear for customers to read the time.

Additionally, users often dig into the watch’s sporty look.

Not just that, but the watch also can take a few light beatings. 

On top of that, the best thing that customers talk about it is that the watch has 31 time zones and various languages.

Therefore, traveling around the world will be accessible without worrying about losing track of time.

In-Depth Review of Casio AQ-S810

Size & weight

Even with multiple functions, it only weighs 1.41 ounces.

You will barely feel the watch on your wrist while wearing it.

Therefore, you might bring it with you to any event, even a sport-related event, since it will be light and comfortable.

However, with the size of a big watch, it might not go well with certain kinds of outfits as you can barely hide it in the cuff.

So choose the outfit that matches the sporty, cool spirit of the watch.


The case material is resin. Resin is a high-impact resin that can make each bracelet link or the entire watch band.

Resin is simple to maintain and will last a long time if properly cared for.

The case size might seem to be a bit large.

So if you have small wrists but still want to wear this watch, you need to adjust a little so that it can fit you.

Water resistance

The AQ-S810 has a water resistance level of 330 Feet.

This level of water resistance is appropriate for sports watches and everyday wearers.

It is suitable for shallow water immersion as well as water sports such as swimming, boating, and snorkeling.


If you’re wondering why Casio is selling this fantastic timepiece at such low prices, look at its movement type.

This ticker employs a Japanese quartz battery.

Not only does this significantly reduce the price of this clock, but its quartz movement is also Japanese.

This means that you receive a great degree of performance at a low cost.


The AQ-S810 is made of mineral crystal glass.

Mineral glass is a glass-based material.

Nowadays, almost all mineral glass watches are made using tempered mineral glass.

This indicates that the glass’s surface has been heat-hardened, or heated to a high temperature, increasing the hardness of the surface and making it less prone to break or scratch.


This timepiece has a simple screen, but don’t be fooled by its appearance.

Its four push features do a variety of things that can be very useful depending on your situation. 

AQ-S810 can be activated by pressing a single button, and another button allows you to make changes.

Finally, another button does a search function. 

Besides the analog face, it also offers an option for digital display so that you can modify it up to your preference.


One of the great things about this timepiece is its strap.

The strap helps the watch stay put without falling off the wrist.

So don’t worry about heavy exercises since you can exercise as hard as you can, but the watch still attaches to your wrist like it’s somehow part of you.

Although some people are still concerned about how this watch could be hard to adjust sometimes, we believe that might be a newbie experience.

It might take a while to get to know how to fit the watch but give it some time, and you might figure it out.

Other special features

This watch not only tells you the day and date in your location in an easy-to-understand digital format, but it also has a powerful chronograph design without complex numbers.

In addition, everything is digital, which reduces your chances of misreading time.

This Casio watch is geared toward the active globe trotter and outdoorsman and is built from the ground up to ensure that you don’t rely on batteries to tell the most accurate time possible.

Instead, you will always know the correct time since this model is powered by the sun.

Pros & cons


  • Very lightweight at only 40g
  • Comfortable when worn
  • Made with high-quality plastic and durable
  • A simple but futuristic design
  • Water-resistant


  • No second hand
  • Only the screen is illuminated instead of the whole dial
  • Manual is difficult to understand


1. What is the average battery life for this solar-powered watch?

This watch is solar-powered.

It is believed that the watch stores the electricity in a capacitor that is charged by solar energy.

2. Do the times change automatically when you enter a new time zone?

No, it doesn’t.

The watch features no GPS receiver. It is 100% self-contained.

3. Do the hands and numbers on the analog part of the watch glow in the dark?

Yes, they are.

The watch features a backlight, and the hands light up in the dark.

Final Thoughts

‘Affordable price yet awesome features’ That’s what you might realize after reading our article on the Casio AQ-S810 review.

Overall, this watch is an excellent choice for people with an active lifestyle due to its design and functions.

If you want a durable timepiece in your price range, a Casio AQ-S810 watch should be a candidate on your shortlist.

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