Casio A158 Vs A168: Battle Of The Best Economical Watches

Both of these timepieces capture the classic aesthetic prominent in Casio watches in the 1980s and 1990s. So, whether you’re old enough to remember these styles or a newbie to Casio’s retro style, you’ll like the modern take on the retro aesthetic.

If you still wonder which one to choose between a Casio A158 vs A168, take a few minutes and find out!


The Casio A158 watches include a backlight that is controlled by the top left pusher. As a result, A158 is slightly crisper and much easier to view from all angles.

The backlight is what distinguishes the Casio A158 from the A168. The A168 features its “ElectroLuminescence.” It is also referred to as an “Illuminator.” 

The A168’s backlight is significantly brighter than the A158’s. The A158 has a drab, difficult-to-see backlight, whereas the A168 is brilliant, colorful, and jumps at night or in low-light environments. It distinguishes out from other Casio watches that lack the electroluminescence function.



The size of the Casio A158 vs A168 is another distinction. The former is smaller than the latter and is ideal for women who prefer smaller Casio watches. A168, on the other hand, has a little larger diameter, making it appropriate for broader wrists.

While it’s not a large watch and will fit most wrist sizes, the increased depth will be visible if you have small wrists. The Casio A168 sits taller on the wrist, and the backlight function is the reason for this change.

Furthermore, the latter has hidden lugs, making the watch feel slightly larger than the normal ones on the A158. Both watches weigh less than 50 grams, with the larger variant being slightly heavier.

As a result, it seems like they’re excellent choices for everyday wear.


The A158 is now slightly smaller than the A168, although not by enough to make a noticeable difference. The A158 measures 33mm in diameter and 8.5mm in thickness, while the A168 is 35mm in diameter and 9.8mm in thickness. However, until you glance at the watch face, there isn’t much of a change in appearance—the A168 features more colorful writing on the front, which you will notice here.

This may be a disadvantage for some. However, some customers have claimed that they prefer the low-profile nature of the writing on the A158’s watch face to the loud, brilliant text of the A168. So to them, it is not that much of a big deal!

Because of the chrome-plated case, which elegantly hugs the rectangular display, it has a stainless steel band, an adjustable clasp, and a plethora of functionality that allows you to cycle between the different tasks and settings provided intuitively.

The A168, on the other hand, is as lovely as the A158, with similar materials and polish, but it is 50g heavier. The case-back is constructed of stainless steel and is held together by four small screws and some manufacturing information engraved in the center.

Additional Features

Both of these watches are splash and rain resistant, but I wouldn’t recommend swimming with them or submerging them in water. Aside from that, these watches all have the same fundamental functions.

They both use the 12-hour and 24-hour time formats. In addition, they have a calendar with a day and date as well as an alarm. Both clocks also contain a 1/100 second stopwatch, which is helpful for racing lap times.

The Casio A158 watch has a basic quartz movement with a battery life of around seven years.

A clear LCD on the dial shows the time in hours, minutes, and running seconds. You can easily switch between 12 and 24-hour time with the pusher on the right. The day of the week is displayed above the time, between the hours and minutes. The date is located to the right of the seconds.

The A168WA is operated by three pushbuttons, two on one side labeled “Light” and “Mode,” and one on the opposite side labeled “Start/Stop.” The operation’s tactile nature is enjoyable and engaging, and the watch appears to respond promptly to the pushers. Furthermore, the entire watch is highly user-friendly, making it simple to operate and program.


They both cost around £20 on the Amazon website. Often, you can acquire the older A158 for a fraction of the price of the newer model. However, there is rarely a price difference.

Although these watches are cheap, you might want to look out for counterfeit products. It could happen when you buy a watch that seems a lot cheaper. Make sure you buy these models at a reliable, authorized stores.

Final Thoughts

As you might figure from our post on Casio A158 vs A168, If you want a smaller classic timepiece with fundamental features for everyday wear, the Casio A158 is an excellent choice. Otherwise, if you want a larger retro watch with a broader and brighter display, the CasioA168 is a great option.

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