Casio A158 vs A159: A Detailed Comparison About Two Casio Watch

Casio, for long, has been a renowned brand when it comes to timepieces devices.

Indeed, there are hundreds of Casio watch models, and many appear similar at first glance.

And that’s also the case with Casio A158 vs A159.

If you, too, find it tricky to distinguish these 2 units, today’s post is what you need.

Read on for our detailed comparison of these models.

Performance Of Casio A158 vs A159

When it comes to performance, there are no apparent differences between Casio A159 and A159.

Both the Casio A158 and A159 feature a basic quartz movement integrated inside, which is acceptable considering their cost.

Because of its reasonable pricing and minimal upkeep requirements, quartz movements are commonly used in low-priced timepieces. 

This quartz movement is made up of 2 components: a primary electricity supply unit (the batteries) and a quartz crystal.

The battery’s electrical pulse will flow via the quartz, causing a sequence of oscillations.

Those oscillations will then operate the watch’s mechanism, which keeps it running.

Not only do the Casio A158 and Casio A159 not require hand setting, but they also process excellent accuracy.

Indeed, every month, there would only be a time variation of 30 secs.

Also, both of them offer a 7-year battery lifespan, which is relatively long-lasting.

Casio A158 and A159 share similar efficacy.

Besides, both watches also share the same problems when it comes to performance.

One of the issues is that these Casio devices aren’t the best when it comes to water resistance

They can only accommodate approximately 30 meters (100 feet) of water, which is only sufficient for short plunges or unintentional spills.

However, if you ever wish to go diving or scuba, remember to take off your wristwatch; otherwise, you risk cracking them under pressure.

Another thing to talk about is the backlight, which has been quite a widespread problem among customers.

The backlighting has been a source of complaint since it is so poor. 

The screen is only readable in the darkness with this lighting, yet many users struggle straining their eyes to view it.

This minor flaw is also passed down to the A158 and A159. 



In terms of size and weight, the A158 and A159 are about the same.

They both possess identical case dimensions of 33m in diameter and 8.5mm thick.

Meanwhile, their silver-colored resin bodies boast stainless steel underparts for extra durability.

Moreover, these timepieces have 18mm broad straps, while the display panels are natural crystals.


When it comes to the design, both the Casio A158 and A159 casing is made of mineral crystal, a renowned material for timepieces due to its high toughness and visibility, also stainless steel band

Mineral crystal has a strong building grade; however, it can be damaged if it comes into touch with excessive pressures.

Additionally, these watches’ surface is susceptible to scrapes and tears, so use caution when using these items.

There is a noticeable distinction when it comes to the wristband. 

The band watch strap is the most noticeable distinction between these 2 options.

The A158 has a 100% adjustable wristband, whereas the A159 sports a partially adjustable band strap.

In addition, the closure that locks the wristband on these versions is also different.

The A158 features a more conventional deployment-styled latch, while on the A159, the closure is a fold-over design.

As a result, this point may simply be the key determinant in which one you purchase.

Indeed, some consumers may develop an interest in one kind of wristband and closure over the other.

Regarding the dial, the variations are minimal in this case.

The wording that covers the LCD screen is the only point of difference.

The letter font, however, is identical – these letters are even the same shades!

Additional Features

Both of these devices offer identical features – basically all of the functionality you’d hope to find in a digital wristwatch.

Not only are there 12-hour and 24-hour time formats available, but these digital timepieces also include alarms and stopwatch functions.

Watches Price

Both of these timepieces are pretty affordable; however, the A158 and the A159 possess a considerable price gap, with the A159 being much more pricey.

 Indeed, the A158 is at about $22, while the A159 is at around $40.

Thus, it might act as a key determinant as there are no significant distinctions in the performance, functions, sizes, or materials of the 2 units. 

Surprisingly, the A158 is produced in China, whereas the A159 is manufactured in Japan, according to the casings’ backside.

This might very well explain the pricing distinction between the two variants.


Hopefully, now you’ve grasped the similarities and differences between the Casio A158 vs A159 and known which one to go for.

As they don’t sport much of a difference, their price gap might be the deal settler here.

Thus, if you don’t mind a few distinctions in the design, we’ll recommend going for the Casio A158.

Good luck!

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