Can Watches Be Recycled? How To Do It Correctly?

What will you do with old or broken watches?

Throw them away?

The majority of users probably come up with such an answer.

However, the tendency to create sustainable values ​​is the key to reducing energy waste. 

Hence, throwing away a broken or has just gone out of fashion timepiece would be a waste.

And with proper waste management becoming the norm, it is possible to create new value or reuse them.

So, if you’re searching for the answer to “Can watch be recycled?”, look no further than this article.



Can Watches Be Recycled?

Yes, most of their parts can be replaced or recycled in a particular way. 

However, watch recycling is pretty uncommon, and people don’t usually think about what to do with an old ticker.

Most pieces will wear out after going through the use process, meaning there is not much value left.

Or else, they might be considered too small or cheap to recycle.

But, again, it is possible to recycle watches, which depends on the recycling purposes and usage.

Recycling an old wristwatch is more than simply dropping it in the roadside recycling bin as you imagine.

Then, when it is no longer helpful to you, there will still be people willing to buy your working watch.

It could be a watch repair company that takes apart its components and reuses them.

Even if no one wants to rebuy it, you can give it to people who might want to use it again.

You may even recycle yourself. 

So how do you find potential watch buyers and takers? or how do you recycle them?

Keep reading for further tips.

How To Recycle Watches (5 Common Methods) 

Your watch comprises various materials, including leather, plastic, metal, glass, and more.

Most of them were probably reused or recycled. (Source)

But, except for the parts that are too small or cheap, there’s no benefit in recycling them.

On the other hand, larger and more common opponents can be easily recycled for many different items.

For example, the inner cog-wheel of this type of object could be used to repair another one.


Many watch manufacturers have stopped producing their old model parts, so it can be challenging to find a new one to fit into an old model.

This makes watch recycling more popular because it is the best way for repair shops to get the parts they need.

To get to the specifics of watch sanitization, we have given you the following suggestions:

Find Watch Repair Shops 

Watch repair shops are one of the best places to recycle your old or broken ones.

They want to buy back your old timepieces to get the components inside and give you some money back.

Simply search online for “we buy watches” or “we buy non-working watches,” and you will pull up plenty of stores.

Also, a watch repair shop is specialized in a particular type.

For example, many companies are willing to pay you to buy back your old model in the US, such as Renaissance Watch Repair and A. Tiffany & Son (with a significant online presence).

Or Canadians can resell their old ones to Perfect Timing, a repair and recycling watch brand with the motto “nothing that goes to Perfect Timing ends up in the trash.”

Contact the Watch Manufacturer 

Today, as the value of watches increases, more and more manufacturers take responsibility for the shelf life of their products.

Many companies accept to buy back their products to use individual pieces for new ones.

Because at the very least, they’ll be able to add the timepiece to its waste stream.

It’s the same manufacturers that make your watch so they can recycle more components than you are able.

Find Watch Repairers 

Like the above companies, watch repairers will also encounter cases where they need missing “old-fashioned” components to add to other tickers they have repaired. (Source)

For this reason, you can contact local jewelry stores or watchmakers to see if they need to use your old one. 

Although the money you get back may not match the value at the time of purchase, it’s still better than throwing it away anyway.

Create Something New 


The product above is Susan Beatrice, a multi-talented artist from New York who has created such one-of-a-kind items.

The old ticker has been transformed into works of art only by details such as gears, springs, etc.

It is a unique idea that you possibly apply to create new values ​​for your old watch.

If you have a rich imagination and a little ingenuity, it is not difficult to turn old watches that are recyclable.

Even “upgrading” into sophisticated, creative objects is not difficult at all.

Donate to Charities 

Don’t be sad just because your watch is old and you have to change to a newer model.

Remember that many people in the world are incapable of affording a new one for them. 

Instead, donate your watch to charity so it can be sold or used to help the organization.

It’s not only good for the environment, but you can also create a great sense of humanity.

Although this is not a pressing expenditure, it would be great if your old stuff could bring joy to someone.

Which Watches Can Be Recycled?

In fact, not all watches are created equal, and not all possible be recycled. (Source)

No one will recycle a cheap plastic one, and no one needs to spend money to repurchase it. 

Although, plastic is a material that can be recycled into many different items in life.

But in this case, it’s not worth the money for such an inexpensive watch.

In contrast, luxury watches can be a lucrative trade-off like pocket watches, and collectors prize vintage pieces.

Watches from brands like Cartier, Rolex, and Tag Heuer are still considered status symbols. 

The parts that make them valuable are metal, glass, and gears.

If they’re still in good condition, you completely should pitch them to repair shops and companies looking to buy your watch to get its component.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will better understand watch recycling and implement suitable solutions for your old watch.

Raising awareness about recycling options is also environmentally friendly because they help reuse limited resources.

In particular, watch recycling is a great way to help yourself and other people who care about watches. 

Also, If you have any other thoughts to contribute to this topic, please leave a review in the comment section.

Finally, don’t forget to share this article with others if you find it useful.

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