Can Quartz Watches Sweep? ( Examples With Watches Sweeping)

When it comes to sweeping hand watches, automatic watches are the cake. This is in contrast to watch that tick, which is referred to as quartz watches. 

However, with technological advancements and creativity, you may now combine the precision of a quartz movement with sweeping seconds hand.

If you’re still wondering “can quartz watches sweep?”, follow our article to figure out several characteristic points in their function.


Can Quartz Watch Sweep?

Yes. The movement can do no escapement and is driven by a continuously spinning wheel. Their second-hand sweeps smoothly across the dial, unlike any automatic or regular watch. 

Watch with sweeping second-hand are not only more accurate, but they are also generally associated with class and luxury. In addition, it is providing extended options for the customer to choose from. 

What Is A Sweeping Second Hand Watch?


As a big fan of a watch or working in the horology business, you have almost certainly heard the term “sweeping second-hand.” 

In simplest terms, these watches can a sweeping is a second-hand that slides around the dial of a watch without “ticking.”

Sweeping hands are standard in mechanical timepieces, but they are pretty rare in a quartz watch. As a result, sweeping wristwatches distinguish between an automatic and a quartz one.

Overview Of Quartz Watch With The Sweeping Second Hand

A second-hand gliding is unnecessary, but many people prefer that the gliding motion is aesthetically better than the ticking motion. Thanks to the “sweeping second hand” feature, this watch will be effortless for buyers to recognize and distinguish with the naked eye.

The origin

This is a type of watch that is widely available on the market. The most common watch technology is found in Japan, Switzerland, and China.

In the 1970s, the goal of producing a quartz watch with a sweeping movement attracted the curiosity of many watchmakers, and none other than Seiko was the first to succeed.


With a sweep second-hand includes a reserve battery, the mainspring, electric pedal motor, and microchip motor. Besides, quartz crystals are used to control the movement of the watch.


Watches work on a set frequency of vibrations. Therefore, the finer the oscillation frequency of sweep quartz, the higher accuracy. 


While the automatic watch has an error every day, the error of a quartz one is only about ± 10 seconds per year. Thus, the plus point gets high accuracy to the user without much adjustment during use.

The reason is that timepieces use the energy available inside the watch battery, and batteries typically have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. For high-end watches, the battery life is extended to 5 years. So when the battery runs out, you can replace the new battery and use it as usual.

Brands Of Quartz-Based Sweepers

Seiko Spring Drive Watch

Spring Drive is a unique movement based on a mechanical movement but receives accuracy from a quartz crystal via a unique speed control regulator. As a result, spring Drive is frequently described as a battery-free quartz-driven movement when it uses quartz.

The second hand glides smoothly using a rotor that rotates in a single direction rather than a back-and-forth motion.

Spring Drive timepieces from Seiko are the most excellent sweeping second-hand on the market, mainly from the Grand Seiko brand. However, the costs of such timepieces are too expensive.

Bulova Precisionist Watch

When it comes to wristwatches, Bulova is the most well-known brand for providing highly accurate high-end quartz timepieces.

Precisionist watches have a frequency of 262kHz, eight times that of conventional ones, which have 32.8kHz. In addition, the Precisionist ultra high-frequency line watch has an extraordinarily smooth sweep as it can accommodate 16 beats/sec.

Casio MTP Watch

If you are on a budget, the Casio brand is the best option. However, High-frequency is not higher than the two brands mentioned above, such as MTP-300, MTP-310, MTP-SW320, MTD-1086, etc

Frequently Asked Question

Why so few sweep-hand quartz watches?

Because they are powered by batteries, the extra steps the second hand must take necessitate a significant amount of energy. Also, it is costly to produce and difficult to fit their components into a small timepiece.

Does quartz movement mean silent?

Conventional timepieces have a second hand that moves once per second, making a ticking sound. 

The second hand of the watch’s quartz sweeps smoothly across the dial, resulting in silence instead of the ticking sound that you hear on the standard watches.

What lasts longer, quartz or automatic? 

Quartz watches are more resistant to shock than mechanical watches. This is because they feature a link block enclosed by a solid plastic ring. 

In contrast, automatic watches make numerous tiny intricate machine links, resulting in lesser shock resistance. 

Also, automatic watches need to be serviced more frequently. 


In the end, we hope that you have got the gist of some quartz-based sweepers and understand how they work. Please take your time reading, and don’t forget to share our read-worthy article with others!

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