Are Michael Kors Watches Waterproof? Things To Know

Thanks to their superb quality and fancy design, Michael Kors is a renowned name in luxury fashion and accessories.

As the brand is pretty affordable compared to giants like Gucci or Dior, many fashion lovers hunt for their products, especially watches. 

If you’ve just got yourself one of these tickers and wondered “Are Micheal Kors watches waterproof?”, today’s post is for you. 

Are Michael Kors Watches Waterproof?

Unfortunately, these timepieces, similar to all conventional wristwatches, are water-resistant and not wholly water impenetrable.

However, we can still spot some devices that get so close to being watertight that people consider them virtually waterproof.

One instance is the Michael Kors Access Sofie, a Kors wristwatch.

The Sofie will not disappoint fashion enthusiasts as it features everything you can imagine, such as the IP67 water resistance.

Watertight, Waterproof, Water-repellent, Water-resistant: Are They The Same Thing?

Most watches today boast water resistance.

However, this does not necessarily suggest that these products are waterproof or particularly “watertight” or “water repellent.”  

Yes, all of these terms might sound perplexing, and that’s why it is essential to understand their differences.


Making an item watertight involves sealing it in tightly-fitted or well-enclosed product packaging to prevent water from penetrating or leaking out of it.

In other words, watertight doesn’t imply the ability to keep a specific object from water impact.

It only means the capability to seal water tightly within a material.


This term is easy to define, but the notion is much more challenging to grasp.

Indeed, no industry standards exist to certify devices as waterproof at present.

Presently, the best approach to a grading system is the Ingress Protection Rating system (IPR) (or IP Code). According to the IP Code, products get rated from 0 to 8 based on their ability to resist water.


When businesses designate a device as waterproof, they are taking a huge gamble. 

It’s a common misconception among customers that waterproofing is a perpetual state and that regardless of what happens, the product will not break down due to water exposure.

Yet, water damages can still occur to items that manufacturers claim to be “waterproof” under various conditions.

Due to the dispute around the proper usage and implications of this phrase, it’s no surprise that so many brands misuse it.

Therefore, nowadays, people usually misinterpret items marketed as water-resistant, water-repellent, or waterproof for one another due to inaccurate labeling.


Water-resistant is the least water-protective of the 3 (apart from watertight, which has no water protection characteristic).

When a brand markets a product as water-resistant, the object’s structure makes it relatively challenging for the liquid to reach the interior.

As a result, the manufacturer has treated it using an extremely light substance that enables the item to survive water exposure.

Water-resistant characteristics are ideal for tickers since they allow them to tolerate mild downpours or hand cleaning.


Water-repellent coverings are the second level of protection, following water-resistant ones.

Water-repellent units contain characteristics that repel liquid, making them hydrophobic.

Water-repellent products stand a greater likelihood of enduring contact with water.

Most employ thin-film nanomaterials, which may cover both the interior and exterior of an electrical product.

Nowadays, many brands promise water-repellency, but the word remains highly disputed since a long-lasting water repellent is unusual, as are all the concerns and unpredictability that come with it.

How To Tell If Your Watch Is Waterproof Or Water-resistant At Home?

A water-resistant timepiece can get into touch with water to some degree.

In other words, only because your device boasts a water resistance certification of 50m inscribed on the back does not guarantee you can plunge 50m underwater wearing it.

The company determines the water-resistance level depending on 3 elements: the top, the casing back, and the seals.

As a result of normal wear and tear and deteriorating seals, the device’s resistance to water may disappear with time.

It would help if you thus examined your timepiece frequently to ensure that water would not penetrate the device casing.

People usually express the water-resistance level of a water-resistant watch in several forms, including BAR, ATM, and meter.

But what exactly do they imply?

  • The device is impervious to rainwater and splashes at 3 ATM/bar/30m.
  • While swimming, you might wear this watch without leaping off a diving board because it is submersible to 5 ATM/bar/50m. Unfortunately, snorkeling and scuba diving are out of their reach.
  • The wristwatch is water-resistant to 10 ATM/bar/100m of water and is suitable for various water sports such as bathing, rowing, and snorkeling in shallow areas. However, do not use this device if you intend to leap from cliffs or dive.
  • The piece features a 20 ATM/bar/200m water resistance rating, making it suitable for all types of activities, including diving.

In addition, if your timepiece has no wording or indicators suggesting that it is waterproof, it probably does not even work against splatters or moisture, which is a good thing to keep in mind while shopping.

How about the glass’s internal humidity?

It does not always indicate that your watch has a problem with water penetration.

A device can become fogged if it abruptly cools down. (Source)

The moisture within the ticker condenses into a fine mist on the case’s interior, obscuring the display.

Eventually, the condensation will evaporate.

However, your wristwatch may need to get fixed if the impacts are more significant and your device isn’t water-resistant.

As soon as possible, address the problem to prevent future damages.

Can you shower with a Michael Kors watch?

Yes, you can shower with a Michael Kors watch.

The watch will be fine as long as you don’t take it in the sauna or steam room.

Avoid hot tubs and pools as well. chlorine can damage the band and ruin the finish.

Also, avoid getting soap on the watch as it can cause the color to fade.

If you do get soap on the watch, rinse it off with clean water as soon as possible.

Be sure to dry the watch thoroughly before putting it away.

Are the Michael Kors smartwatches waterproof?

The Michael Kors Access Runway is a smartwatch that is waterproof up to 30 meters.

The Michael Kors Access Grayson is not waterproof.

So, in short, some of the Michael Kors watches can be worn while showering but it is best to consult the specific product manual before doing so.

And, as always, take care not to expose your watch to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals.

What is water-resistant for Michael Kors?

Water-resistant means the watch can be worn while washing your hands or in light rain, but not while swimming.

If your Michael Kors watch is water-resistant, it will say so on the dial or case back. (Source)

The phrase “water-resistant” is usually followed by a number that indicates the depth of water pressure the watch can withstand.

For example, “water-resistant to 50 meters” means the watch can be worn while swimming in shallow water.

However, even if your Michael Kors watch is water-resistant, it’s still important to avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals.

Are Michael Kors watches real gold?

Yes, Michael Kors watches can be made of real gold.

However, the brand also offers many watches that are gold-plated or made with rose gold-tone stainless steel.

So, if you’re wondering if a particular Michael Kors watch is made of real gold, it’s best to consult the product listing or manual.

Is Michael Kors a luxury watch?

Yes, Michael Kors is considered a luxury watch brand. (Source)

The brand is known for its use of high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Michael Kors watches are often seen as status symbols, and they can be quite expensive.

However, the brand also offers more affordable options that are still made with quality in mind.


Now you know everything regarding watches’ waterproofness and how Michael Kors timepieces perform in this standard.

In the end, each product is different, and thus, they come at different prices. Just make sure to inspect the displayed information and reviews carefully before purchasing.

Good luck.

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