JCDC x odm
Gummy Me!!!
case movement water resistant strap / band
transparent LCD module (time, date & blue EL backlight)
(time, date& animation)
5 ATM silicone band
Is it a bear, a rabbit, or is it an UFO? It is Gummy Me!!! – the latest timepiece creation by genius designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's (JCDC). These flexible silicone timepieces has a charming shape of an extra-terrestrial creature with super long limbs to wrap around your wrist, and that endows it with a funky & playful look.

Apparently, the creature's eyes show the time in digital format. And if it's too dark, pushing the button on the side of the head will makes the eyes glow. What a helpful creature!! Another significant characteristic is the escalation in fashion sense and head-turning when the user put it around the wrist, yet the reason is still unknown.

Actually, this ET rabbit creature has been living among us for awhile, first seen disguised as mannequins in JC/DC's shops. It's a creation with fashion sense!! JC/DC is very impressed by the creature's good taste, funkiness and uniqueness, it fits perfectly in his style! So, this year he decided to dedicate his latest timepiece collection to it!

As this creature's behavior is still unknown to us Earthlings, please handle with care. After use, do not forget to put it inside the test tube container, so it can be tested and experimented at any time. Gummy Me comes in black, white, red, and blue. Come and take it home so you can observe it closely!