o.d.m. original
Evolution of modern watch design generally runs from hand winding mechanical watch to automatic watch, then to quartz watch, then finally digital watch, in the presence of different sizes and arrangements of calibers and functions. The once popular multifunction digital Quartz watch has lost its charm due to lack of refinements. Therefore o.d.m. applies the technique into a new series of Mono Pusher digital Quartz watches. This innovative design eliminates the use of multiple pushers, and supports our vision of simple lifestyle.
case : stainless steel case in IP black (red lens)
movement : o.d.m. ana-digital module with dual time, calendar & chronograph
water resistant: 10 ATM
strap / band : polyurethane strap
Other colors
0 degree
0°C is the point when water freezes and becomes ice. It is also the name of o.d.m.’s latest collection, which adopts a simple & pure design inspired by the beauty and tranquility of ice. Imagine the transparent case as a thin layer of ice. One would be delighted to find various life forms underne...