People love and hate the pure white design, a great dilemma for those who like simplicity but dislike hassles in caring. Well aware of the situation, designers at o.d.m. have made use of soft and dirt-proof silicon rubber in the design of a series of splendid and trendy wristwatches. The new technology has made it possible to add colors to the translucent silicon rubber to create more varying combinations. Simply by making use of white silicon rubber and plastics to give different lustrous and matted effects, and matching to 3 distinctly black and white disc-shaped graduation dials which serve as hour-minute-second pointers, simplicity and delicacy can be fully expressed in the design. Apart from charming external look, designers have also taken care of functionality of the product. Thanks to the designers for their ideas, a convex lens in different curvature is mounted on the smooth transparent crystal of the watch to blow up the time graduations. Other than pure white, there are many bright color combinations to choose from, in total expression of a new domain in fashionable color timepieces.
case : PC case
movement : Japan movement
water resistant: 3 ATM
strap / band : Dual-color silicone injection strap
Other colors
Mysterious V
What else is happening to the award-winning DD99 family? We’d never let this family fade away in our fans’ minds. The Twiggy collection, adorned with flower and petal patterns, is another girly series that best fit the latest fashion trend, maintaining odm’s fashion accessory brand positioning...