o.d.m. original
Filmatic II
The 2nd generation of E-paper watch features a sleek and slim presentation, with thickness of no more than 6.5mm. Extraordinary design also includes a screw-less streamline exterior, along with flexible plastic material and smooth metallic plate. Additionally, battery case is brilliantly installed at the end of the bangle for easy replacement.
case : plastic bangle w/ a curved S.S. metal piece on top
movement : o.d.m. digital watch (Microcup® display)
water resistant: 1 ATM
strap / band : N/A
Other colors
0 degree
Origami is a traditional art, symbolising peace and blessing for people. The latest DD123 collection has made use of this concept. With a clean yet powerful design, the three hands take the shape of a beautiful paper crane. Through the 3-D lens, every minute you can admire from different angles the ...