odm+ Tofu II
It’s fantastic! odm+ is pleased to announce another cute collection with Tofu Oyako which has gained popularity in recent years! Japanese design team, Devilrobots, has created Tofu in simple lines and happy colors. Its iconic square big head with space suit, pitiful balsam pear-liked face and funny tracing story, has attracted a great number of trend-setting adults.

Apart from Tofu and his mother, this delightful collection also comes with other Tofu members such as strawberry Tofu, mecha Tofu and baby Tofu, all of them are fun and cute. Plus, it features with the well-received models among odm, DD99 and DD125; DD99 has exclusive “shake” function - activation of calendar and time modes by simply a shake of the wrist has indeed shaken the market. DD125 allows wearers express any messages easily by making use of the chat box specifically designed for odm; the message will then be scrolling across the watch accordingly. The three designs graced with Tofu’s lovely visage and distinctive features. What’s more, fans will get one set of Tofu charm and sticker for free upon any purchase of odm+ Tofu collection.
case : PC case
movement : o.d.m. digital module with time, date, personalized message function & EL backlight
water resistant: 3 ATM
strap / band : Silicone strap
Other colors
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