Life as we know it can sometimes be boring. Creating habits of repetition, making life monochrome and mundane, odm changes all that with our delightful and interesting designs and colours. Our Tag line: “23:59 Never too late” establishes that very need to be hopeful and optimistic even till the very last minute. It is never too late until the very last second. “Never too late to...CHANGE”

This positive energy of “23:59 Never Too Late” has been presented and educated to the public and embraced by all odm pristine customers. Forever churning out innovations and surprises, raising the bar for the rest of the fashion world to mimic and follow. The DD135 m1nute collection has yet again endorsed our brand belief. Featured on the dial are the stereoscopic digital data of “2”, “3”, “5” and “9” understating our philosophy against a mirror finish background in an assortment of rose gold, liquid black and porcelain white.
Curved dial enabling one to see the reflection of the surrounding background giving one a rich dimensional sense, these unique design features have been meticulously merged to showcase the innovative designs of odm.

odm DD135 m1nute collection showcases the courage to make a difference even for a second, 23:59 “Never too late to ...CHANGE”
case : Plastic case (42mm)
movement : Japan 3 hands movement
water resistant: 5 ATM
strap / band : Silicone strap
Other colors
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