'odm 23:59 never too late' meant to say that, although 23:59 is the last minute, you still have 60 seconds left before the day ends. odm believes there are endless opportunities to catch, things to do, or moments to enjoy; no matter how short the time we have on hand. It is "never too late" to do, even if there is just one minute, it's always a good time to strive to fulfill your dreams and take action everything you want. This collection named 60 sec with simple and trendy analogue design to bring out the odm's concept. The numerals 2, 3, 5, and 9 were embossed on the double-layered dial, highlighted by a date window and odm logo at 4 digit location. On the strap, the slogan 'odm 23:59 never too late' is etched on, revealing the main concept of the collection as well as reminding wearers the meaningful concept behind. Through this chic and stylish design, odm continues to spread the positive energy around and remind wearers how precious the time is. It's never too late to take action and capture every moment of life. In addition to monotone models which was made in white, black, purple, brown and rhodamine red; the collection consists of contrast-colored tone models. The lens is in well-choreographed; it offers transparent and tone-on-tone lens. This well reflects odm's out-of-box approach to design.
case : PC case with transparent pink lens and luminous hands (42mm)
movement : Japan 3 hands & date movement
water resistant: 5 ATM
strap / band : color silicone strap
Other colors
0 degree
0°C is the point when water freezes and becomes ice. It is also the name of o.d.m.’s latest collection, which adopts a simple & pure design inspired by the beauty and tranquility of ice. Imagine the transparent case as a thin layer of ice. One would be delighted to find various life forms underne...