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Origami is a traditional art, symbolising peace and blessing for people. The latest DD123 collection has made use of this concept. With a clean yet powerful design, the three hands take the shape of a beautiful paper crane. Through the 3-D lens, every minute you can admire from different angles the changing positions of the graceful crane, spreading the message of peace and love. This ties in nicely with odm's 2359 slogan. 2359 is the last minute of the day. Some people may think there is only one minute left for the day. Yet looking positively, you still have one minute to do what you still have not and it is never too late to start. In the same sense, it is never too late to spread the blessing of love and peace to everyone. This is something you can do all the time, even at the last minute of the day. This unique collection is available in black, white and pink, with environment-loving packaging to help save the Earth.
case : PC case
movement : Japan 3hands movement
water resistant: 3 ATM
strap / band : silicone strap with stainless steel butterfly buckle
Other colors
Unpretentious III
o.d.m. original collection has always been true to the o.d.m. philosophy of Original, Dynamic and Minimal. The SV12 Unpretentious III encapsulates the essence with the originality of design, the dynamism of visual aesthetics between colours and choice of materials and the minimalistic creation of...