Pixel Daze
In the mysterious black hue, DD109 Pixel Daze appears merely as a piece of stylish accessory from the outset. All the nuts and bolts one expects of a watch are cleverly hidden, and the outcome is the sleek bangle you now see. What’s more, it has made ingenious use of a Pelikon SmartInkSM display, which fits in seamlessly with the black piece to give it that chilled, glam look. But still you wouldn’t realize it’s a timepiece until you hit the side button - the vibrant digits that tell time, date, and also the funky dance animations appearing before your eyes like magic on the larger-than-usual screen. Thanks to the advance display technology, these vivid colour digits are readable in any lighting conditions, from total darkness to direct sunlight, making it the perfect piece to wear day or night. Simple yet snazzy, Pixel Daze combines fashion and technology with timepiece, and is no doubt one of its kind in the reign of watch and accessories.
case : PC case
movement : o.d.m. digital module with time, date & animation
water resistant: 3 ATM
strap / band : Black polycarbonate bracelet
Other colors
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